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Medical Terminology - Long List of Suffixes

The suffix is always at the end of the word and usually indicates a procedure, a condition, or a disease. The suffix tells us what is happening with a specific body part or system--usually what is wrong with the body or which procedure is being used to diagnose or fix it.
The suffix -itis simply indicates an inflammation of some kind. The -itis is quite popular in medical terminology because it can be applied to just about any body part within any body system.
Tosilitis (-itis)
Inflammation of the tonsils
Bronchitis (-itis)
Inflammation of the bronchus
Arthritis (-itis)
Inflammation of a joint
Tumor or growth
Carcinoma (-oma)
Malignant (cancerous) tumor or growth
Leiomyoma (-oma)
Benign (non-cancerous) tumor derived from smooth muscle. Commonly called a fibroid or fibroid tumor.
Melanoma (-oma)
Tumor of the melanocytic (melanocytes in the skin) system of the skin, a highly malignant and quickly metastasizing (spreading) tumor
a disease process
Cardiomyopathy (-pathy)
Disease process involving the muscles of the heart
Cardiopathy (-pathy)
Disease process involving the heart
Neuropathy (-pathy)
Disease process involving the nervous system
Osteopathy (-pathy)
Disease process involving bone
-ac, -ic, -al, -ous, -tic
Related to or pertaining to
-algia, -dynia
Pain, discomfort
-ate, -ize
Subject to, use
Protrusion (hernia)
Surgical puncture to withdraw or aspirate fluid
-cle, -cule, -ule, -ulus
Surgical fusion or binding
Cutting out, surgical removal
Pertaining to blood, a blood condition
-ent, -er, -ist
Person, agent
-esis, ia, iasis, ity, -osis, -sis, -tion, -y
state of, or condition of
-form, -oid
Looking like, resembling, or shaped like
A beginning process, origin of
Produced by
A written record
Instrument used to record
Process of recording
Condition or theory
Destruction, breakdown, or separation
Instrument used to measure
Process of measuring
One who studies, a specialist
Study of, process of study
To view
Process of incision or cutting into
-ostomy, -stomy
Aritificial surgical opening
Lack of or deficiency
-pexy, -pexis
Surgical fixation
Morbid fear of or intolerance
Formation, development
Surgical reconstruction, or shaping of
Production or manufacture of
Downward displacement, or drooping
-rrhage, -rrhagia
Excessive flaw or discharge
Suturing in place, fixation
Rupture or breaking away
Instrument used to visually examine
Process of visual examination
Sudden or involuntary
-trophic, -trophy
Growth or development