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English Studies about film terminology.


What is recordered by a single, uniterrupted operation of the camera.
When the camera starts to when it stops.


Section of film of continuous action taking place in continuous time and space.
Containing multiple shots.


Different versions of a shot.


1) Action of stopping the film ("Cut!")
2) A strip of film
3) Joining seperate shots together
4) A version of a movie ("Directors cut")


A single picture from a strip of film.
Borders of the projected film on screen.
To position the camera in such a way that the subject is kept within the borders of the image.


A DVD version of the film that is shown with the some/original dimension and ratios as the theatre version


French for "Staging" the composition ans arrangement of a shot


Type of editing in which breif shots are used to present a condentation of time and events

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