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Securing the host involves protecting the physical device itself, securing the operating system software on the system, using security-based software applications, and monitoring logs.


Keyed Entry locks are much more difficult to defeat than deadbolt locks.


Cipher locks are the same as combination padlocks.


Data, once restricted to papers in the office filing cabinet, now flows freely both in and out of organizations, among employees, customers, contractors, and business partners.


When a policy violation is detected by the DLP agent, it is reported back to the DLP server.


A basic level of security can be achieved through using the security features found in network hardware.


The OSI model breaks networking steps down into a series of six years.


Behavior-based monitoring attempts to overcome the limitations of both anomaly-based monitoring and signature-based monitoring by being more adaptive and proactive instead of reactive.


Security is enhanced by subnetting a single network into multiple smaller subnets in order to isolate groups of hosts.


Workgroup switches must work faster than core switches.


TCP is responsible for addressing packets and sending them on the correct route to the destination, while IP is responsible for reliable packet transmission.


TCP/IP uses its own five-layer architecture that includes Network Interface, Internet, Control, Transport, and Application.


IEEE 802.1x is commonly used on wireless networks.


IP telephony and Voice over IP (VoIP) are identical.


Despite its promise to dramatically impact IT, cloud computing raises significant security concerns.


Bluetooth devices are not backward compatible with previous versions.


Because of the weaknesses of WEP, it is possible for an attacker to identify two packets derived from the same IV.


Because PEAP can be vulnerable to specific types of attacks, Cisco now recommends that users migrate to a more secure EAP than PEAP.


Because antennas are generally positioned to provide the broadest area of coverage, APs should be located at the end of the coverage area.


APs use antennas that radiate a signal in all directions.


_____ are combination locks that use buttons which must be pushed in the proper sequence to open the door

B. Cipher locks

______ use multiple infrared beams that are aimed across a doorway and positioned so that as a person walks through the doorway some beams are activated.

C. Tailgate sensors

Instead of using a key or entering a code to open a door, a user can display a _____ to identify herself.

C. Physical token

ID Badges that can be detected by a proximity reader are often fitted with tiny radio ____ tags.


Passive tags have ranges from about 1/3 inch to ____ feet.

C. 19

securing a restricted area by erecting a barrier
is called ____.

C. Fencing

A ___ can be inserted into the security slot of a portable device

D. Cable lock

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