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Literature brings the engagement power of the arts to bear on literacy.

Interesting literature causes students to read more and comprehend better.

Reading good literature causes active meaning construction.

construct personal meaning and make bridges between themselves and the book. (Visual, emotional)

books trigger greater brain activity that includes the personal creation of visual images.

Excessive TV = brain atrophy and impairs ability to visualize

Literature builds empathy and respect for others.

a)Literature broadens cultural attitudes, brings us closer to characters of every race, religion, and creed, lessening our fear of unknown.

1.Literature deepens understanding of universal concerns, big questions about surmounting obstacles.

Connections to own problems, fears, etc

Literature gives comfort and insight.

way to understand ourselves (not alone in suffering)


using books to promote insight and give comfort

Lit provides for aesthetic needs which increases motivation

needs for beauty, pleasure, joy, awe are basic

Lit extends high order thinking needed for problem solving

complex abstract thinking, making sense of conflict, new perspectives

Lit stimulates moral thinking

use personal values and respond to conflicts


1/5 American adults


can read, but don't

What affect does a lot of reading have on students

students who read the most, read the best

Matthew Effect

rich get richer idea

What do teachers need to know regarding literature integration

history and definitions, elements, genres, selection sources, authors and artists, national standards for la, meaning making strategies, approaches to teaching

Name literary elements used to write and understand lit

Theme, plot, characters, setting, point of view

Overall goals of literature integration

imagery, personification, metaphors, motifs


line of poetry or a stanza with one refrain


grouping of several lines together


repeated patterns like beat and accent

rhyme scheme

usually coded (ex. abab)

blank verse

unrhymed iambic pentameter

free verse

doesn't use traditional mater or stanza patterns


flowing, descriptive and personal, no patterns


14 lines long, rhyme scheme: abab cdcd efef gg

Five unit centers of a lit based unit

core lit work, genre, person, topic, event

Lit award and book

Newbery Medal Award - Kira Kira in 2005


Sustained Silent Reading


Silent Quiet Independent Reading Time


Drop Everything And Read


Just Plain Read


Rhyme, rhythm, repetition, simple short and clear


Traditional and predictable, read and write own stories


Chapter books, interest grows, sophisticated


Personal identity, question more, elaborate tales

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