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MCTS Windows Server 2008 Infastructure Configuration Chp 1

MCTS Windows Server 2008 Infastructure Configuration Chp 1
In Windows Server 2008, _____ is the technology that runs the domain security database. Servers that host this data are called ____
Active Directory Domain Services
Domain Controllers
_____ Provide a centralized authentication and administration for users, groups and computers which are generally referred to as objects in an____ environment.
Active Directory
_______ means all DCs can update and replicate the directory database. This provides more fault tolerance in a domain that has more than one DC.
multimaster replication
A single network can have many domains. However, each domain must maintain an _____ database for managing its member objects.
Active Directory
Which version of Windows Server 2008 is only available for 64-bit machines?
Windows HPC Server 2008
64bit versions of windows server 2008 cannot run __ bit windows applications or use ____ bit device drivers
Note: virtual Machines can solve this issue.
____ is a IPv6 technology that can encapsulate IPv6 packets as IPv4 packets to allow them to traverse IPv4 networks.
_____ a feature of the new stack that optimizes the size of the data packets a sever can accept.
window auto-tuning
PowerShell allows you to string together commands, passing the result of one command to the next, in a process known as ____.
pipe lining
Instead of passing the result as text, Power Shell passes results as ____ objects. Which are packages containing information applications and services can use and are compatible with ____
.NET Framework.
_____ is a new feature that lets administrators manage servers remotely by running management scripts and managing data on remote machines.
Windows Remote Management (WinRM)
All connections are handled via the ____, which is a public standard for exchanging management data remotely by any device implementing the protocol, making it non-vendor specific.
WS - Management Protocol.
Full versions of windows server 2008 editions (SE,EE, and DC) can have a total of ___ installable roles while server 2008 without Hyper -V can have up to ___ roles and Server core can only have up to ____ roles
Roles can be organized into 3 groups ___, ___ and ____
Active Directory, Infrastructure and Network roles.
Windows Server 2008 has five active directory roles which are ___, ___, ___, ___, and ____
Active Directory Certificate Services
Active Directory Domain Services
Active Directory Federation Services
Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services
Active Directory Rights Management Services
_____ provides digital certificate services for users, computers and organizations.
Active Directory Certificate Services
____ is a secure framework for allowing simplified identity federation and single sign-on for web services, both internal and external.
Active Directory Federation Services
You use _____ to deploy directory - enabled applications without the dependencies that are required for AD DS.
Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS)
You use ___ to deploy rights technologies to your network.
Active Directory Rights Management Services
A network standard protocol used to dynamically allocate and track IP addresses for clients on a network.
What is the the command for installing the print services role?
servermanagercmd.exe -install print - server
What is the the command for installing Power Shell?
servermanagercmd.exe -install PowerShell
What command is used to verify the roles and features installed?
servermanagercmd.exe -query