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What does the Telfair Peet Theatre house?
The Theatre Department, stage productions, and classroom instruction.
True or False: All theater programs at the Telfair Peet Theatre are free?
What does Davis Hall house?
The Department of Aerospace Engineering, as well as many general University classrooms.
What is Broun Hall home to?
The AU Department of Electrical Engineering, and Computer Engineering.
What is inside Broun Hall?
A computer lab available to all engineering students.
What is the Harbert Civil Engineering Center?
A teaching facility and research lab for Civil Engineering Students.
What does Ross Hall house?
The Department of Chemical Engineering.
What does Wiggins Hall house?
The Department of Mechanical Engineering.
Which part of the Shelby Center is named Wiggins Hall?
Phase 2 of Shelby Center construction.
What does Ramsay Hall house?
Classrooms, and the Cooperative Education Program.
What is the Cooperative Education Program?
A planned and supervised program alternating semesters of full-time college classroom instruction with semesters of full-time paid work assignments.
What does the Shelby Center house?
Research laboratories, classrooms, lecture halls, and administrative offices such as the Office of the Dean, Engineering Student Services, Minority Engineering Program, Engineering Administration, the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, and the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering.
What is Cary Hall used for?
Classes and studies in biological sciences.
What is located in Cary Hall?
Some laboratories for the Department of Psychology.
What does the Chemistry Building house?
Classroom, laboratories, faculty offices, and meeting rooms.
Why are many courses, such as History and Geology taught in the Chemistry Building?
Because of the large auditorium space.
What does Parker Hall house?
Classrooms for math, chemistry, and physics, and computer labs located throughout the building.
What is located in the basement of Parker Hall?
Physics labs.
What does Petire Hall house?
The Department of Geosciences.
What classes are held at the Rouse Life Sciences building?
College of Sciences and Mathematics, and the College of Agriculture.
What classes are held in Funchess Hall?
College of Sciences and Mathematics, and the College of Agriculture.
What does the Science Center Laboratory building house?
The undergraduate teaching laboratories for chemistry and biology.
What does the Science Center Classroom building house?
Classrooms of various sizes, and the College of Sciences and Mathematics administrative offices.
How many people does the Science Center Auditorium seat?
What does the Science Center Auditorium provide?
The means for the latest in technology supplemented instruction and is used as an undergraduate lecture hall.
What is the Walker Pharmacy Building home to?
The Harrison School of Pharmacy
What is Comer Hall home to?
The College of Agriculture, the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, and the Offices of Agricultural Communications and International Agriculture.
What does the Forestry and Wildlife Sciences Building house?
The administration offices of the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, classrooms, and labs for the school.
What does Swingle Hall house?
The AU Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures
What does Upchurch Hall house?
The Department of Animal Sciences, and several other academic fields within the College of Agriculture.
What does Biggin Hall house?
The Art Department
What is Dudley Hall home to?
The College of Architecture, Design, and Construction, and the Library of Architecture, Design, and Construction.
What does Goodwin Music Hall house?
The Department of Music, and the band and music instruction.
What does the Miller Gorrie Center house?
Classrooms, labs, and offices for the McWhorter School of Building Science.
What does the Haley Center house?
The College of Education, the University Bookstore, and the Office of Accessibility.
What does the Lowder Business Building house?
Outreach units, along with the general academic programs of the College of Business.
What is located on the first floor of the Lowder Business Building?
The Office of Professional and Career Development.
What area is the Office of Professional and Career Development in?
An area only for business students which serves as a career center for mock interviews, career coach help, as well as a location for employers to hold interviews.
What is the Nichols Center home to?
Three ROTC programs: Navy, Army, and Air Force.
What is interesting about Auburn having all three ROTC branches?
Auburn is one of only 44 schools to have all three branches.
What does Thach Hall house?
The History and Psychology departments.
What is the auditorium in Thach Hall often used for?
Several freshman classes.
What does Tichenor Hall house?
The College of Liberal Arts, and the Department of Communication and Journalism.
What does the Beard-Eaves Coliseum currently serve as?
The Olympic training facility for the U.S. National Handball Team.
What will the new Mell Street Bulding do?
Create a 21st century learning environment with technology-adaptive classrooms, lecture halls, team-learning space, and collaborative areas.
What does Samford Hall serve as today?
Auburn University's administrative headquarters for offices of the Provost, Executive Vice President, and President.
When is the University Chapel open?
Between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M., for public visits and worship.
What does Foy Hall house?
The First Year Experience Office, Photographic Services, Study Abroad, the Office of International Education, Veterans Resource Center, and a food court.
What does Katherine Cooper Cater Hall house?
Undergraduate Research, Interdisciplinary Studies, and the Honors College.
What are the back steps of Cater the site for?
One of Auburn's most noted traditions, callouts.
What does Hargis Hall house?
The Graduate School.
What does Mary Martin Hall house?
Student Financial Services, the Career Center, the Women's Resource Center, and the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Institute.
What is inside the Auburn Arena?
Basketball courts, the Auburn University Athletic Ticket Office, an AU Team Store, and the Lovelace Museum.
Where is the mail room for Hill residents?
Burton Hall.
True or False: There are washers and dryers located in each Hill residence hall.
Where is the central laundry facility on the Hill?
Terrell Hall.
What did the Hill recently add to their dining options?
Burrito Del Mar, Johnny Brusco's, Kick Six, Panda Express, Rye of the Tiger Grrrill, Smoothe 'n Groove, and Terrell Market.
On-site pharmacy services for the medical clinic are offered through who?
James Harrison School of Pharmacy
Where in the medical clinic is Student Counseling Services located?
On the 2nd floor.
What is on the first floor of the South Quad Parking Deck?
A drive-thru window.
What can visitors and guests obtain at the drive-thru window on the South Quad Parking Deck?
A temporary pass to park on campus all day.
What does the Quad Center house?
Undergraduate Marketing and Recruitment, and the Scholarship Office.
Where are the washers, dryers, and resident mailboxes located in the Quad Center?
The bottom floor.
What does the ground floor of the Ralph Brown Draughon Library house?
Academic Support in 0176 B, and the Special Collection of Archives.
What is in the first floor of the Ralph Brown Draughon Library?
The circulation desk, and the Media Digital Resource Lab (MDRL).
What is available at the circulation desk?
Laptop computers available for student checkout.
What can students do at the MDRL?
Create multimedia or digital materials for class assignments, projects, or scholarly research.
What is in the second floor of the Ralph Brown Draughon Library?
Caribous Coffee (a full service cafe), the main reference desk, the Miller Writing Center, Learning Commons, Study Partners (within the Learning Commons area), Tiger Advisor, OIT (in the evenings), a branch of the AU bookstore, moveable whiteboards, 10 group study areas, and mediascape technology.
What can students do with the mediascape technology?
Simultaneously connect up to six Microsoft Windows or Apple laptops, being able to switch between computer video feeds with the touch of a button.
What is in the third floor of the Ralph Brown Draughon Library?
The Office of Information Technology (OIT) help desk, the Student PC Repair Shop, various study rooms, and study areas.
True or False: The fourth floor of the Ralph Brown Draughon Library is the quiet floor?
What is available on each floor of the Ralph Brown Draughon Library?
Photocopy machines.
What are the hours of the Ralph Brown Draughon Library?
24/5; opens Sunday at 1:00 PM and closes at 6:00 PM on Friday, also open from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM on Saturday.
What does suite 3130 of the Student Center house?
Many Division of Student Affairs groups and organizations, such as the Student Government Association, the University Program Council, and the Black Student Union.
Where is the TigerCard Office in the Student Center?
On the first floor in room 1206.
Where is Health Promotion and Wellness Services located in the Student Center?
On the second floor in suite 2103.
When did Tiger Dining implement food trucks?
What are some examples of food trucks at Auburn?
General Lee Hibachi, Philly Connection, Smooth N' Groove, Lupton Deli Food Truck, and Burrito Del Mar.
What are some highlighted things offered at the Recreation and Wellness Center?
A 1/3 indoor track, two 50 foot rock climbing walls, multipurpose indoor courts, strength equipment, PGA golf simulator, cardio equipment, group fitness classes, a pool, and a hot tub.
Where is CopyCat in the Student Center?
On the first first floor.