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unfavorable, negative; working against, hostile, difficult, trying
Ex. Some people suffer an adverse reaction if they eat peanut butter with peanuts.


extremely dry; uninteresting dull; boring, waterless, parched, unimaginative
ex. Crops will not grow in most arid regions.


a person who attacks violently ( with blows or words), attacker, mugger
ex. The jogger was mugged by an unknown assailant.


a large wave; to rise or swell like a wave; surge, bulge, balloon, breaker
ex.The American flag billowed over the stadium field.


to meet face to face, especially as a challenge; come to grips with, encounter
ex. Sally's mom confronted her when she found out Sally didn't do her homework.


to force, compel; to restrain, hold back,pressure, restrict, confine, limit
Ex. You can't constrain me against my will.


belonging to the same period of time as oneself; a person of the same time, present day, modern, current; peer
ex. Rather than ask parents for help, teens often turn to a contemporary for advice.


to portray; to represent or show in the form of a picture; sketch, draw, picture, illustrate
ex.The painter chose to depict a plain prairie landscape using bold colors and shadows.


fair-minded, free from selfish motives; indifferent, neutral, impartial, unbiased, apathetic
ex. A judge must remain disinterested in order to render a logical decision.


to encircle, go or reach around; to enclose; to include with a certain group or class; surround, envelop, comprise
ex. Oceans encompass about 3/4 of the surface of our planet.

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