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  1. white-footed mouse (peromyscus leucopus) and deer tick (ixodes dammini)
  2. arthropods
  3. B. microti, B. divergens
  4. S. mansoni, S. japonicum
  5. malaria
  1. a vector for filariasis
  2. b causes acute schistosomiasis - katayama's fever
  3. c most common parasite(s) causing babesiosis
  4. d hosts involved in most common babesiosis infection
  5. e finding "ring stage" in RBC's after staining with Giemsa or Wrights

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  1. hallmark of this disease is invasion of CNS, symptoms include apathy, fatigue, confusion, motor changes, changes in sleep patterns
  2. chronic infections of this can result in dementia, dmg to heart muscle
  3. phase 1 of infection characterized by "breakbone fever"
  4. occurs mainly in South America and Africa
  5. can occasionally cause CNS lesion in the brain

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  1. acute disseminated candidemialiver, spleen, and sometimes kidneys are involved. positive blood cultures rare


  2. infectious mononucleosishistological characteristic is reactive lymphocyte and/or smudge cells


  3. catheter related candidemiainfection spread to one or more organs


  4. lymphatic filariasisinfection from nematodes


  5. candida albicansincreased freq. in bone marrow transplants