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  1. malaria
  2. S. mansoni, S. haematobium
  3. plasmodium falciparum
  4. yellow fever virus
  5. chagas' disease
  1. a vector transmits infection through feces
  2. b occasionally cause CNS lesions in the spinal cord
  3. c has a third phase of infection displaying the following: delirium, seizures, coma, hepatic degeneration, black vomit from intestinal hemorrhage
  4. d histological characteristic is Schuffner's dots
  5. e O/E find mild jaundice, enlarged liver, increases RR

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  1. can be found in urine of individual infected with schistosomiasis
  2. severest form of malaria
  3. heterophile antibody test showing absorption by bovine erythrocytes but not guinea pig cells is positive for what infectious agent
  4. carried by vector Aedes aegypti
  5. histological characteristic is reactive lymphocyte and/or smudge cells

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  1. infectious mononucleosisetiologic agent is Ebstein-Barr virus (EBV)


  2. plasmodium falciparumproduces long lasting infection


  3. sandfliesvector for leishmaniasis


  4. candida albicansincreased freq. in bone marrow transplants


  5. acute disseminated candidemialiver, spleen, and sometimes kidneys are involved. positive blood cultures rare