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  1. malaria
  2. S. cercariae
  3. S. mansoni, S. japonicum
  4. candida albicans
  5. candida krusei
  1. a finding "ring stage" in RBC's after staining with Giemsa or Wrights
  2. b increased freq. in bone marrow transplants
  3. c causes acute schistosomiasis - katayama's fever
  4. d IV drug users are most prone to what fungal infection
  5. e causes swimmers itch

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  1. etiologic agent is Ebstein-Barr virus (EBV)
  2. vector transmits infection through feces
  3. 1/2 of all candida infections
  4. characterized by an increase in mononuclear lymphocytes
  5. carried by vector Aedes aegypti

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  1. S. haematobiumcan be found in urine of individual infected with schistosomiasis


  2. lymphatic filariasishistological characteristic is LD bodies also known as amastigotes


  3. infectious mononucleosisinvasion of B cells may cause leukopenia during 1st week of infection


  4. S. japonicumcan occasionally cause CNS lesion in the brain


  5. coccidioidomycosisinfects pericardium in its disseminated form