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  1. chronic disseminated candidemia
  2. triatome(reduviid) bugs, kissing bugs
  3. leishmaniasis
  4. plasmodium falciparum
  5. arthropods
  1. a vector for filariasis
  2. b liver, spleen, and sometimes kidneys are involved. positive blood cultures rare
  3. c vector that transmits chagas disease
  4. d infects all erythrocytes, not just the old or young RBC's
  5. e histological characteristic is LD bodies also known as amastigotes

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  1. most common parasite(s) causing babesiosis
  2. hosts involved in most common babesiosis infection
  3. key symptom being abdominal protrusion due to hepatosplenomegaly
  4. phase 1 of infection characterized by "breakbone fever"
  5. chronic infections of this can result in dementia, dmg to heart muscle

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  1. children <10years old1/2 of all candida infections


  2. plasmodium vivax, plasmodium ovaleproduces long lasting infection


  3. flavivirus genusinfection from nematodes


  4. chagas' diseaseromana's sign in eye


  5. candida albicans1/2 of all candida infections