80 terms

Japans 497

tadabataraki suru (只働きする)
to work for nothing
tadachini (直ちに)
at once, immediately, instantly, right away
tadagoto de nai (只事でない)
It is no joke, It is no trivial matter
tadai no (多大の)
great, much, considerable, serious, heavy
tadaima (只今)
now, at present, just now; soon, in a minute, I'm coming
tadanshikiroketto (多段式ロケット)
a multistage rocket
tadanaranu (徒ならぬ)
unusual, uncommon, serious
tadanori suru (只乗りする)
to steal a ride
tadare (爛れ)
a sore, an inflammation
tadareru (爛れる)
to be sore, to be inflamed
tadashi (但し)
but, however, only, provided that
tadashigaki (但し書き)
a proviso
tadashii (正しい)
right, proper, just, honest; correct
tadashiku (正しく)
rightly, properly, justly, honestly; correctly
tadasu (正す)
to correct; to reform, to amend, to put right, to set right, to adjust
tadasu (糺す)
to examine, to investigate
moto o tadaseba (元を糺せば)
tadasu (質す)
to ask, to inquire; to ascertain, to make sure
tadayou (漂う)
to drift, to float, to hang
tade (蓼)
a smartweed
tade kuu mushi mo sukizuki (蓼食う虫も好き好き)
There is no accounting for tastes
tadoku (多読)
extensive reading
tadoku suru (多読する)
to read much, to read widely
tadokuka (多読家)
an extensive reader, a well-read reader
tadon (炭団)
a charcoal ball
tadoritsuku (辿り着く)
to find one's way
tadoru (辿る)
to follow, to trace, to trudge, [記憶を] to try to recall
tadotadoshiku (たどたどしく)
falteringly, totteringly
tadōshi (他動詞)
[Gram.] a transitive verb
taenaru (妙なる)
excellent, sweet
taedae ni (絶え絶えに)
faintly, feebly
taegatai (堪え難い)
intolerable, unbearable, unpardonable
taeiru bakari ni (絶え入るばかりに)
as if one's heart would break
taema (絶え間)
an interval, a break, a rift
taema nai (絶え間ない)
continual, ceaseless, incessant
taema naku (絶え間なく)
continually, ceaselessly, incessantly
taeru (堪える/耐える)
to bear, to endure, to stand, to put up with, to tolerate, to be fit for, to be good for, to be equal to
taeru (絶える)
to cease, to cease to exist, to die out, to end, to come to an end, to be cut off
taeshinobu (堪え忍ぶ)
to endure, to bear, to tolerate, to put up with
taezu (絶えず)
all the time, always, continually, constantly
tafuna (タフな)
tough, hardy, firm
taga (箍)
a hoop
taga o kakeru (箍をかける)
to hoop
tagaeru (違える)
[約束を] to break
tagaenai (違えない)
to keep, [時間を] to be punctual
tagaini (互いに)
mutually, each other, one another
tagai no (互いの)
mutual, each other's, one another's
tagaichigaini (互い違いに)
alternately, by turns
tagaku no (多額の)
large, a large sum/amount of, considerable
tagakunōzeisha (多額納税者)
an upper bracket taxpayer
tagane (鏨)
a graver, a burin, a chisel
tagayasu (耕す)
to till, to plow, to cultivate
tageina (多芸な)
accomplished, of varied attainments, who has a wide range of interests/hobbies
tagenka (多元化)
tagenteki (多元的)
tagenhōsō (多元放送)
a broadcast from multiple sources
tagenron (多元論)
taggumatchi (タッグ・マッチ)
a tag match
tagi (多義)
tagi no (多義の)
polysemous, equivocal
tagiru (滾る)
to boil, to seethe
tagon suru (他言する)
to tell others, to let out [a secret]
tagonshinai (他言しない)
to do not tell to anybody, to keep it a secret
tagui (類)
a kind, a sort
tagui marena (類まれな)
matchless, unique [-> 類ない]
tagui nai (類ない)
matchless, unique [-> 類まれな]
taguru (手繰る)
to haul in, to pull in (hand over hand), to trace
tahata (田畑)
fields, a farm
tahenkei (多辺形)
a polygon
tahenkei no (多辺形の)
polygonal, multilateral
tahō de wa (他方では)
on the other hand, while
tahōmen no (多方面の)
many-sided, various, varied, a wide range of
tahōmen ni (多方面に)
in many fields, in various fields
tai (態)
[Gram.] the voice; a condition, a figure, an appearance
tai (対)
even, equal; a tie, a draw; versus, between, to, against
tai-Bei-kankei (対米関係)
relations with the United States
tai-Bei-seisaku (対米政策)
a policy toward the United States
tai (鯛)
a sea bream
tai (体)
the body, a style
tai (隊)
a party, a company, a corps, a band