39 terms

USA physical and world map

lines of latitude
aka-lines of parallel
measures how far north or south of the equator
lines of longitude
aka lines of meriden
measues how long east or west you are
what is water
we have the same amount of water as we did 300 million yrs ago
what are the cardinal points
north south east and west
what are the intermediate points
what portion of the earth is salt water
what portion of the earth is frozen
what portion of the earth is fresh
what are the largest to the smallest
Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antartica, Europe and Austraila (AANSAEA)
only island state located in which ocean
Pacific Ocean
ocean east of the United States
Atlantic Ocean
large body of water west of Florida, is an extension of the Atlantic Ocean
Gulf of Mexico
5 bodies of fresh water that form a border between US and Canada - one name to describe all 5
Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario The Great Lakes
body of waterr at 41º north latitude and 112º west longitude
The Great Salt Lake
what bay is located just east of our nation's capital
Chesapeake Bay
largest bay in California
San Francisco Bay
what river empties into New York City Harbor
Hudson River
largest river, by volume, in the US
Mississippi River
river west of the Appalachians that forms a border between Indiana and Kentucky
Ohio River
name the river that forms the border between Iowa and Nebraska
Missouri River
major river that flows through the Grand Canyon
Lake Mead
river that forms a border between Mexico and the US
Rio Grande
the river that runs east from Lake Ontario to the Atlantic Ocean
The Columbian River
river forms part of the border between two northwestern states and flows into the Pacific Ocean
Columbian River
huge expanse of flatlands between the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi River
the Great Plains
extensive flatlands cover most of Nevada and are nearly surrounded by mountains
Great Basin
name of landform north of 40º north latitude that juts out into the Atlantic like a giant fishhook
Cape Cod
flatlands that circle the northern and western coastline of the Gulf of Mexico
Coastal Plains
flatlands that extend south from Chesapeake Bay to the east coast of Florida
Atlantic Coastal Plains
flatlands in California lie between Sierra Nevada and the Coast Range
Central Valley
main mountain range through eastern United States
Appalachian Mountains
first mountain range west of the Great Plains
Rocky Mountains
mountain range that separates California and Nevada
Sierra Nevada Mountains
tallest mountain in Alaska
Mt. McKinley
highest mountain in California
Mt. Whitney
tallest mountain range in Oregon and Washington
The Cascades
mountains that run along California's Coastline
Coast Mountains
from the top of this mountain range in the US you can see the Arctic Ocean
Brooks Range
the volcano that dominates the southern portion of the island of Hawaii
Mauna Loa