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quiz 1 theater tech.

Ellipsodial Reflector
ERS gets its name because it uses a
Ellipsodial Reflector
a section of an Ellispe and contains 2 focal points
plano convex lenses
the ERS optical system uses 2
a reinvented, re engineered, ERS
the HPL 575w or 750w compact tungsten filament lamp
lampis very efficient and produces an intense light from a very small area of the filament
it contains a fresnel lens diameter that tells if its a 6" or 8"
fresnels gets its name because
the focus beam the fresnel uses is a
spherical reflector that is mounted on the sliding tray
fresnel (sliding the focus tray 2wards the lens cause the light beam to
fresnel (sliding it back 2ward the reflector causes it to
500w, 750w meduim focus
6" fresnels can use
1000w, 1500w mogul pre focus
8" fresnel
parbolic reflectors
par 64 is called
the 64 in par means the lamp has a (blank) diameter
s-4 par
produces light similiar to par 64
s4 rotate lens and not (blank) to focus
s-4 par unlike (blank) the diff. between the reflector, lamp, and lens never changes
s-4 parnel
similiar to both s-4 par and fresnel
like (blank) uses hpl 575w or 750w
s-4 par
uses parabolic and mulifaceted reflector like
s-4 par
like (blank) the parnel is designed to change the radius of the light beam. it does this by means of a patented wave lens system
operator follows performer
follow spots
distance 30' to 100'
short throw spot
distance 100' to 250'
long throw spot
strip of lights 6x6
strip lights
asymetric reflector to create a bright, smooth wash of even intensity that is meant to spread vertically
cyc lights
unlike the (blank blank) a cyc light needs distance to provide an even wash up and down the backdrop
strip light
meant to sit on ground
ground cyc
comes in 1 to 4 lamp configurations
hanging cyc lights
shutters are located near the center of the unit
fresnel focus is on the (blank) of the unit
shows lighting positions labeled by their location
sight line points
a designers shorthand notation
magic sheets
section of stage floor which projects towards or into the auditorium