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Line Angles and Point Angles

Proximal Surface
Combined term for mesial and distal
Anterior Teeth
Towards the front of the arch
In permanent teeth and baby teeeth they include the canines and incisors
Posterior Teeth
Teeth in each arch towards the back of the mouth
Anterior it is called labial and lingual, posterior it is called
buccal and lingual
Incisal ridge can only be reffered to on _______
newly errupted anterior teeth
after that it is the incisal edge
The term facial can be used
for either the anterior or posteriorlabial/buccal surface of the teeth
Refers to any surface between two teeth, so proximal surfaces by definition are normally only mesial or distal surfaces
Line Angles
The line, or angle formed by the junction of two crown surfaces, and its name is derived by combining the names of those two surfaces
Rules for naming Line Angles
- drop the "al" from the end of the first surface and add an o
-where two o's are adjacent they are separated by a hyphen
How many Line Angles of Anterior Teeth
How many Line angles of Posterior Teeth
Name the Line Angles of Anterior Teeth
Mesiolabial Labio-incisal
Mesiolingual Linguo-incisal
Distolabial Mesio-incisal
Distolingual Disto-incisal
Name the Line Angles of Posterior Teeth
Mesiobuccal Bucco-occlusal
Mesiolingual Linguo-occlusal
Distobuccal Mesio-occlusal
Distolingual Disto-occlusal
Definition of a Pont Angle
Point which is the junction of three crown surfaces, and takes the name of those three surfaces
Anterior Teeth have how many point angles
Posterior Teeth have how many point angles
Point Angles of Anterior Teeth
Point Angles of Posterior Teeth
The crown surfaces of teeth are divided into ____. They are named by _____
Crown surfaces of teeth are divided into artifical thirds, both horizontally and vertically. These thirds are named by their location, according to the surface which is being viewed