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The Great Depression


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Stock Market Crash
Black Tuesday
Shanty towns that the unemployed built in the cities during the early years of the Depression; the name given to them shows that the people blamed Hoover directly for the Depression.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
elected president of US in 1932; created the new deal
New Deal
A plan by President Franklin Roosevelt intended to bring economic relief, recovery, and reforms to the country after the Great Depression.
Social Security Act
1935: An act that provided minimal sustenance to the elderly to save them from poverty.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
the government agency that insures customer deposits if a bank fails
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
New Deal program that hired unemployed men to work on natural conservation projects
Agricultural Adjustment Administration
Gave farmers money to reduce crop size to reduce production and bring up the value of crops
Great Depression
1929 stock market crash; people had no jobs, money, food, etc.
Farmers that moved from the Great Plains to California looking for better lives
when the great depression ended
migrant workers
farmers that traveled during the different seasons to get work picking fruit

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