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Medical coding

ICD-9-CM presumes a cause-and-effect relationship between hypertension and chronic kidney disease.


The site in which a malignant neoplasm has spread to is the primary site.


Assignment of diabetes codes are not affected by whether the patient is on insulin.


Status asthmaticus is a term used for a very severe type of asthmatic attack.


If a physician documents that the patient's diabetes is poorly controlled, a fifth digit for out of control should be assigned.


HIV infection can be reported if documented as "suspected" or "possible."


When a patient is admitted for chemotherapy, assign the code for the malignancy as the first-listed diagnosis.


A fifth digit of 3 (in remission) should be assigned to 305.0X for someone who has abused alcohol in the past, but no longer drinks alcohol.


ICD-9-CM presumes a cause-and-effect relationship between hypertension and heart disease.


If a patient is admitted for dehydration due to chemotherapy, the dehydration is the first-listed diagnosis.


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