Latin Chapter 10 vocab

20 terms by kirstenbinkley

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deus, deī-m


dōnum, dōnī-n


equus, equī-m


flamma, flammae-f


hostis, hostis-m


nox, noctis-f


perīculum, perīculī-n

keen, fierce


renowned, well-known, crowded

celeber, celebris, celebre

fortunate, happy

fēliīx, fēlīcis

brave, strong

fortis, forte


paucī, paucae, pauca

and not, nor


to build

aedificō, aedificarē, aedificāvī, aedificātum

to take, adopt, capture

capiō, capere, cēpī, captum

to desire, want

cupiō, cupere, cupīvī, cupītum

to destroy

dēleō, dēlēre, dēlēvī, dēlētum

to flee, run away

fugiō, fugere, fūgī

to move

moveō, movēre, mōvī, mōtum

to fight

pugnō, pugnāre, pugnāvī, pugnātum

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