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2010 Buck Module 11 Exam B

Medical Coding
Anesthesia code for a biopsy of the clavicle.
00454 Hint: Anesthesia, clavicle
Anesthesia for bilateral vasectomy.
00921 Hint: Anesthesia, vasectomy. Do not use modifier -50 because the 'bilateral' procedure is included in this code.
Assign a CPT® anesthesia code for debridement of third-degree burns of right arm, 6% body surface area.
01952 Hint: Anesthesia, burns, debridement, and/or excision
Anesthesia for diagnostic arthroscopic procedure of the knee joint.
01382 Hint: Anesthesia, knee
Anesthesia code for a tympanotomy of the left ear performed on an 11-month-old female. Include the qualifying circumstances code.
00126, 99100
Hint: Anesthesia, tympanotomy. To locate the qualifying circumstances code, see anesthesia, special circumstances, extreme age.
Anesthesia for radical hysterectomy.
00846 Hint: Anesthesia, hysterectomy, radical
Anesthesia for tracheobronchial reconstruction.
00539 Hint: Anesthesia, trachea, reconstruction
Assign a CPT® anesthesia code for repair of cleft palate.
00172 Hint: Anesthesia, cleft palate repair
Assign a CPT® anesthesia code for total hip replacement, open procedure.
01214 Hint: Anesthesia, replacement, hip
Anesthesia for burr holes.
00214 Hint: Anesthesia, burr holes