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  • decomposer
    Breaks down wastes and dead organisms.
  • herbivore
    Eats only plants.
  • carnivore
    Eats only animals.
  • omnivore
    Eats both plants and animals.
  • detritivore
    An organism that feeds on plant and animal remains and other dead matter.
  • autotroph
    An organism that makes its own food.
  • heterotroph
    Organism that obtains food by consuming other living things; also called a consumer.
  • primary consumer
    An organism that eats producers.
  • secondary consumer
    An organism that eats primary consumers or herbivores.
  • tertiary consumer
    An organism that eats secondary consumers.
  • food web
    A community of organisms where there are several interrelated food chains.
  • ecological pyramid
    diagram that shows the relative amounts of energy or biomass within each trophic level in a food chain or food web.
  • trophic level
    Any level of a food chain based on what the organisms eat.
  • biomass
    A measure of the total dry mass of organisms within a particular region