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2010 Buck Module 13 Exam B

Medical Coding
Suture of superficial wounds of cheek: one 1 cm laceration, one 3 cm laceration, and one 2 cm laceration.
Hint: Repair, wound, simple. Total wound repair of the cheek is 6 cm.
An excision of the left great toe nail and matrix, complete for permanent removal. Include the appropriate modifier.
Hint: Excision, nails. Modifier -TA indicates the procedure performed on left great toe nail.
Excision of benign lesions on chest, 0.4 cm, with simple closure.
Hint: Excision, skin, benign
Destruction of 7 actinic keratoses.
17003 x 6
Hint: Destruction, skin lesion, premalignant
Excision of a pilonidal cyst that was a complicated procedure.
Hint: Excision, cyst, pilonidal
Fine needle aspiration of the breast without imaging.
Hint: See fine needle aspiration.
Suction lipectomy, lower right leg. Include the appropriate modifier.
15879-RT,15879 - RT
Hint: Lipectomy, suction assisted. Modifier -RT indicates procedure performed on the right side of the body.
Full-thickness graft, free, including direct closure of donor site from the axillae 12 sq. cm.
Hint: Skin graft and flap, free skin graft, full thickness
Removal of 37 skin tags by electrosurgical destruction.
11201 x 3,11201 X 3,11201x3,11201X3
Hint: Removal, skin tags
Simple repair of a superficial wound of the nose measuring 5.2 cm.
Hint: Repair, wound, simple