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Wands Ace

Root of the Powers of Fire

Wands 2

The Lord of Dominion

Wands 3

The Lord of Established Strength

Wands 4

The Lord of Perfected Work

Wands 5

The Lord of Strife

Wands 6

The Lord of Victory

Wands 7

The Lord of Valour

Wands 8

The Lord of Swiftness

Wands 9

The Lord of Great Strength

Swords Ace

The Root of the Powers of Air

Swords 2

The Lord of Peace Restored

Swords 3

The Lord of Sorrow

Swords 4

The Lord of Rest from Strife

Swords 5

The Lord of Defeat

Swords 6

The Lord of Earned Success

Swords 7

The Lord of Unstable Effort

Swords 8

The Lord of Shortened Force

Swords 9

The Lord of Despair and Cruelty

Swords 10

The Lord of Ruin

Cups Ace

The Root of the Powers of Water

Cups 2

The Lord of Love

Cups 3

The Lord of Abundance

Cups 4

The Lord of Blended Pleasure

Cups 5

The Lord of Loss in Pleasure

Cups 6

The Lord of Pleasure

Cups 7

The Lord of Illusionary Success

Cups 8

The Lord of Abandoned Success

Cups 9

The Lord of Material Happiness

Cups 10

The Lord of Perfected Success

Discs Ace

The Root of the Powers of Earth

Discs 2

The Lord of Harmonious Change

Discs 3

The Lord of Material Works

Discs 4

The Lord of Earthly Power

Discs 5

The Lord of Material Trouble

Discs 6

The Lord of Material Success

Discs 7

The Lord of Success Unfulfilled

Discs 8

The Lord of Prudence

Discs 9

The Lord of Material Gain

Discs 10

The Lord of Wealth

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