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Medical Coding

Total knee replacement (arthroplasty) for the treatment of severe osteoarthritis.

Arthroplasty, knee

Assign the appropriate CPT® procedure code for the following case scenario.

Jackie had been complaining of pain in her knee for several months. The orthopedist suspected a torn medial and lateral meniscus and ordered a diagnostic arthroscopy. During the diagnostic arthroscopy it was found that Jackie had a torn medial and lateral meniscus. The physician repaired both these during the same operative session through the scope.

Hint: Arthroscopy, surgical, knee

Arthroscopic medial meniscus repair of the knee

Hint: Arthroscopy, surgical, knee

Trigger finger release.

Hint: See trigger finger repair.

Total hip replacement for the treatment of severe osteoarthritis.

Hint: Replacement, hip

Open treatment of a hip fracture of proximal neck with prosthetic femoral hip replacement.

Hint: Fracture, femur, neck, open treatment

Surgical arthroscopy of the shoulder, rotator cuff repair.

Hint: Arthroscopy, surgical, shoulder

Assign the appropriate CPT® procedure code and applicable modifier(s) for the following case scenario.

Steven was able to make an appointment with the orthopedist within a few hours of being seen in the ED for a splint to his left wrist after a fall. The orthopedist reviewed the x-rays from the emergency room and agreed with emergency room physician that the distal radius was fractured. A short-arm fiberglass cast was applied, and the fracture was expected to heal in 6-8 weeks. Report only the closed treatment of this fracture, not the x-ray, Emergency Department visit, nor the cast applied.

25600-LT,25600 - LT
Hint: Radius, fracture, closed treatment. Modifier -LT indicates treatment performed on the left side of the body.

Scar revision of amputation site lower right arm (ulna and radius). Include the appropriate modifier

25907-RT,25907 - RT
Hint: Amputation, arm, lower, revision

Closed treatment of hip dislocation, status post hip arthroplasty, without anesthesia.

Hint: Dislocation, hip joint, closed treatment

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