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Medical Coding

Using an existing tracheostomy incision, the physician places a bronchoscope through the incision to view the airway (tracheobronchoscopy).

31615 Hint: Tracheobronchoscopy, through tracheostomy

Flexible bronchoscopy with use of laser therapy to relieve stenosis.

31641 Hint: Bronchoscopy, stenosis

Total pulmonary decortication.

32220 Hint: Decortication, lung, total

Three-year-old Hannah is playing with a marble and sticks it in her nose. Her mother is unable to dislodge the marble so she takes Hannah to the physician's office. The physician removes the marble with hemostats. Report only the procedure, not the office visit.

30300 Hint: Removal, foreign body, nose

Irrigation of the sphenoid sinus.

31002 Hint: Irrigation, sinus, sphenoid

Secondary rhinoplasty with major reconstruction of nasal tip to correct results of an initial rhinoplasty done elsewhere.

30450 Hint: Rhinoplasty, secondary

Diagnostic, indirect laryngoscopy with vocal cord injection of Gelfoam.

31513 Hint: Laryngoscopy, indirect

Douglas O'Mally, 31, has been having difficulty breathing and has had long-standing sinusitis. It is decided that Douglas will have a sinus endoscopy with anterior and posterior total ethmoidectomy with removal of polyps.

31255 Hint: Sinus/Sinuses, ethmoid, excision, endoscopy

Surgical thoracoscopy with excision of pericardial tumor.

32661 Hint: Thoracoscopy, surgical, with excision of pericardial tumor

Excision of a cervical tracheal tumor.

31785 Hint: Excision, tumor, trachea, cervical

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