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Medical Coding

Direct repair of aneurysm associated with occlusion of the vertebral artery.

35005 Hint: Artery, vertebral, aneurysm

Insertion of a single chamber pacing cardioverter-defibrillator pulse generator.

33240 Hint: Defibrillator, insertion single/dual chamber, pulse generator

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring of 24 hours, using magnetic tape, including the recording, analysis, interpretation, and report.

93784 Hint: Blood pressure, monitoring, 24-hour

Venous bypass graft for occlusive disease, femoral-popliteal.

35556 Hint: Bypass graft, femoral artery

Pulmonary endarterectomy with embolectomy requiring cardiopulmonary bypass.

33916 Hint: Endarterectomy, pulmonary

Duplex scan of aorta, complete study.

93978 Hint: Duplex scan, arterial studies, aorta

The implantation of a patient-activated cardiac event recorder.

33282 Hint: Implantation, cardiac event recorder

Single-level, noninvasive physiologic study of arteries of the arm, bilateral.

93922 Hint: Vascular studies, arterial studies (non-invasive), extremities

Coronary artery bypass using two arterial grafts.

33534 Hint: Bypass graft, coronary artery, arterial

An in-person electronic analysis of a dual chamber pacemaker system with reprogramming.

93280 Hint: Pacemaker, evaluation and programming, dual lead

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