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(EXW) 103 Navy Expeditionary History


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Qualities/characteristics of Navy/Marine Corps
Readiness; Flexibility; Self-sustainability; mobility
Creator/Father of Seabees
Admiral Ben Moreel
Birthday of Seabees
= March 5th, 1942
Birthday Navy
13 Oct 1775
Creation of Seabees
March 5, 1942 "construction battalion"
-defense of Civilian contractors and implementing construction into military
-during World War II
Father of EOD
Admiral Kauffman
EOD started?
June 1941
Formation of U.S. Navy
-Continental Congress set up to prevent British supply lines from reaching America
-implemented by Pres. Washington during Revolutionary War
Battle of Midway-
June 1942
4 Japanese carriers Hiryu, Akagi, Kaga, and Soryu sunk; US lost USS Yorktown
Battle of Coral Sea
Sea-May 1942
-Pacific Ocean, in protection of Australia
-completely air battle, 2 fleets never saw each other
-lost USS Lexington
Battle of Midway-
June 6, 1942
-turning point of war
-lost USS Yorktown
Battle of Normandy
June 6, 1944
-stormed French beaches against German occupation
-largest Amphib operation
Creation of EOD-1943
-bomb disposal experts and engineers to dispose of explosive devices placed by German forces off the beaches of France
Creation of EOD
Needed people to handle, defuse, and dispose of explosives and clear out beach ways
NCW-Naval Coastal Warfare
-provide closed beach maritime operations for support and protection of High Value Assets (HVA)-ex. Oil tanker, cargo ships
Riverine Ops
-more of an offensive, inner-land unit that provides security and protection