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Bertino Forensics C10 Handwriting analysis, forgery and fraudulence

12 characteristics of handwriting
shape of letters
curve of letters
the angle or slant of letters
the proportional size of letters
the use and appearance of connecting lines between letters
the smoothness of letters
the darkness of the lines on the upward compared- to the downward stroke
the spacing between letters
the spacing between words and lines
the placement of words on a line
the margins a writer leaves empty on a page
A document of known authorship that is being compared to a document of unknown authorship is called a(n)
cotton and linen (rag fiber)
Paper money contains these materials which do not interact with the iodine in a counterfeit pen like the starch in paper does.
Secret Service
US Treasury
organization that also deals with counterfeiting cases
Forensic Information System for Handwriting. The handwriting database that is repository for threatening correspondence from federal agencies.
The best exemplars are:
Previously written letters, diaries, etc
Scanning a document with ultraviolet or infrared light to determine the chemical composition of the ink is called _____. This can be used to tell if two different inks were used on a document
Biometric signature pad
This device is used to identify handwriting based on speed, pressure and rhythm.
The easiest way to tell if a $10 bill is real is by the ____.
When forgery is done for material gain like money.
Three steps of handwriting analysis
*questioned documents and exemplars are examined and detectable characteristics are recorded.
*characteristics of questioned items are compared to known standard.
*experts determine which characteristics are valuable for drawing a conclusion about authenticity or authorship.
Check Forgery
27 million fake checks are cashed everyday
-ordering other peoples checks from a deposit slip
-altering a check
-creating a check from scratch
Literary Forgery
Forgery of a piece of writing, such as a historic letter, manuscript, or letters written by famous people.

best literary forgeries use old paper and period inks
they may also use chemically treated materials to fake an older look
preventing check forgery
print on chemically sensitive paper
-multiple color patterns
-embedded fibers in checks that glow under certain lighting
Examples of Counterfeiting
-travelers checks
-food stamps
-certain bonds
-postage stamps
crime stretching back into ancient times
security features on a 100 dollar bill
Security thread, color shifting ink, microprinting, watermark, 3D security ribbon, raised printing
iodine and cellulose/starch
What two chemicals react in a counterfeit pen
A person who uses the physical characteristics and patterns of handwriting to evaluate the personality of the writer. Pseudoscience.
document expert
A person who scientifically analyses handwriting
questioned document
Any signature, handwriting, typewriting, or other written mark whose source or authenticity is in dispute or uncertain
factors that effect handwriting
Writing instrument, age, mood, fatigue and how hurried the writer is.
The making or distributing of fake money.
Bruno Richard Haupmann
Sentenced to prison for the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby. Ransom notes were used to convict him.
Hitler diaries
literary forgery originally thought to be the authentic diaries of Adolph Hitler
check washing
chemical alterations of check to removing ink, usually in order to pass fraudulent checks for money.
document analysis
the examination of questioned documents with known material for a variety of analyses, such as authenticity, alterations, erasures, and obliterations
Mark Hofmann
A document dealer and master forger who forged many famous authors including Emily Dickinson, Abraham Lincoln, and Mark Twain. He also was a bomber who killed several people and then injured himself.
counterfeiting pen
a pen that contains iodine, which reacts with starch in paper and turns a dark brown color. If starch is not present it remains amber.

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