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(EXW) 110 Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) Warfare


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Casualty agents
nerve, blister, choking, and blood agents
include tear and vomiting gases that cause temporary disability
M-9 paper
turns red for liquid nerve or blister agents
M-8 paper
Yellow-gold=G (nerve) agent
Red-pink=H (blister) agent
Dark green=V (nerve agent
Nerve Agent Antidote Kit
-Mark 1 kit consists of: 3 atropine auto injectors, 3 2PAM Cl auto injectors, plastic clip, and foam carrying case.
SDK-Skin Decontamination Kit
IEDK-Individual Equipment Decontamination Kit
Symptoms of nerve agent
-runny nose; tightness in chest; contraction of pupils; nausea; cramps and convulsions (can take place within 30 seconds)
NAAK-Nerve Agent Antidote Kit
3 Atropine (speeds up heart rate)
3 2Pam Cl (slows blood flow to the extremities) Clip
Foam carrying case
-10 seconds to don mask
Feel effect=
inject 1 atropine, 1 2Pam Cl to yourself; hold for 10 seconds
10-15 min later=inject another set of each to yourself; hold for 10 seconds
Place empty needles in your breast pocket
10-15 min later= buddy injects you with 3rd set
-Corpsman inject sets 4 and 5
DT-60-personal dosimeter; necklace; different shades of red
IM-143-personal dosimeter; pen-shaped
Chemical warfare agents
Air blast
100,000 feet; mess up comms, weather
Surface blast
below 100,000 feet
Subsurface blast
underwater blast; mess up subs
MOPP-Mission Oriented Protective Posture
0=gear within arm's reach
1=don suit, top and bottom
2=don boots
3=don mask
4=don gloves
Chemical marker
yellow and red letter "GAS"
Biological marker
blue and red letter "BIO"
Radiological marker
white and black letter "ATOM"
Chemical minefield
red and yellow letter with strip "GAS MINES"
Effects of nuclear explosion
EMP, comms down, burns, blasts, nuclear radiation fallout
M291-Self decontamination kit
M295-Equipment decontamination kit
JSLIST-Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology suit
-wash 6 times
-110 degree water (hot water), no bleach for washing
-24 hours in contaminated environment
-45 days in non-contaminated environment
3 types of decon
Operational-keep operations
Thorough-detailed overall decontamination
chemical alarm (green box); warn of chemical attack