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Greco Roman Mythology

a hunter beloved by Aphrodite, he was killed by a boar. Aphrodite caused the anemone to grow from his blood
son of Aphrodite and Anchises, founder of the Roman nation
God of the winds
King of Mycaenae, leader of the Greek armies of against Troy, killed by his wife Clytemnestra
Trojan War: Hector's widow, mother of Astyanax
daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopea, wife of Perseus
Gigantic wrestler, son of Gaea (earth) and Poseidon (sea), he became stronger whenever he touched the earth. Hercules lifted him from the ground and killed him.
Venus, Olympian, born from sea foam caused by the fall of Uranus' severed genitals, goddess of passion and beauty
talented weaver challenged by Athena to a contest. After the contest, Arachne hanged herself and, in remorse, Athena changed her into a spider
Mars, son of Zeus and Hera, god of war, "hated by the gods" according to Zeus
A giant with 100 eyes who watches over Io for Hera, also the name of Odysseus' dog
Apollo's son Asclepius violated divine law by raising a mortal, Hippolytus, from the dead, so Zeus killed him with Cyclops's thunderbolts.
friend of Achilles who dies in the Iliad.
Achilles 'prize' who Agamemnon takes from him at the beginning at the Iliad. The cause of his abscence from battle.
Daughter of Zeus and Metis, born from his head after he swallowed her mother
Castor and Pollux
sons of Zeus and Leda, sailed with Jason in his quest for the Golden Fleece. They were worshiped as gods, and became the constellations Gemini.
the 3 headed dog who guards the gate of Hades, one of the 12 labors of Hercules was to abduct Cerberus
A fire breathing, hybrid creature with the head of a lion, body of a goat, tail of a serpent who was killed by Bellerophon.
Cronus, Kronos
father of the Olympians, husband of Rhea, overthrown by his son Zeus
Deucalion and Pyrrha
Son of Prometheus and his wife, who repopulate the world by throwing stones (bones of their mother) over their shoulders as instructed by Themis. The stones he throws become men and the stones she throws become women.
Queen of Carthage who took refuge in a cave with Aeneas, where they had a liason. When he left her, Dido killed herself
Beloved of Selene, in some stories he was a shepherd from Asia Minor. Both moon goddesses, Artemis and Selene share versions of the story. In some variants, he and Selene have 50 daughters together. Zeus' granted him eternal sleep and eternal youth.
Erinyes, Furies
Avenging spirits born from the drops of blood from Uranus'severed genitals that fell on the Earth
Phoenician princess abducted and carried to Crete by Zeus, who disguised himself in the form of a white bull.
Gaia Ge
Earth, Mother of the titans
Pluto, Olympian, rules the underworld, god of wealth, mining, minerals
the greatest warrior of the Trojans, defeated by Achilles
Heiros gamos
A Greek phrase that describes the archetypal sacred marriage between the Sky god and the Earth goddess that creates the universe.
Helen of Troy
Spartan wife of Menelaus, her abduction by Paris was the cause of the Trojan War
Vulcan, Olympian, son of Hera, husband of Aphrodite, blacksmith who manufactures armor and other items for the gods
Hera, Juno
Olympian, wife of Zeus, goddess of marriage, jealous of Zeus many liaisons, mother of Hebe (youthful bloom), Ilithyia (childbirth), Ares, Hephaestus,
Greek, wrote "Theogony" and "Works and Days"
Hestia, Vesta
Olympian, goddess of the hearth
Greek, wrote the Illiad and The Odyssey
Hyperion, Helios
Titan, personification of the Sun, most of his attributes and myths were taken over by Apollo. Three children: Phaeton, Selene & Eos (Aurora, Dawn)
a Titan, best known as the father of Atlas, Menoetius, Epimetheus, and Prometheus
Raped by Jupiter (Zeus), who had assumed the form of a swan. She laid two eggs. One hatched Castor and Clytemnestra, and the other Pollux and Helen.
Trojan war: brother of Agamemnon, husband of Helen
Greek & Roman goddess of retribution, who punished the sin of hubris, or pride (presumption against the gods)
Titan, personification of the stream of ocean that circles the disc of earth
son of Laertes, husband of Penelope. father of Telemachus. He survives the Trojan war and shipwreck and finally returns home after a total of 20 years.
Roman, wrote Metamorphosis
"all gifts" woman created by Zeus as a punishment to mankind because of Prometheus' treachery in stealing fire for man. Hesiod says she has the face of a goddess and mind of a bitch.
wife of Odysseus. Weaves a shroud for Laertes during the day and then unweaves it at night to put off her suiters.
Daughter of Minos, wife of Theseus, Aphrodite caused her to fall in love with her stepson Hippolytus.
According to Orphism, Phanes is the firstborn of the gods, the "creator of everything" who hatches from the egg made (laid?) by Chronus (time).
Another name for Apollo, god of the sun, supervises the oracle at Delphi
Poseidon, Neptune
Olympian, rules the oceans, god of horses, earthquakes
After trials imposed by the Venus, she was wed to Venus' son Cupid and translated to heaven as an immortal.
daughter of the titan Hyperion, goddess of the Moon, most of her attributes and myths were taken over by Artemis
The prophetess who accompanies Aeneas into the underworld in the Aenead.
Sophocles's Antigone
Daughter of Oedipus, she was put to death by Creon for burying her brother against Creon's wishes.
the 9 daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne who inspire artists: Clio, Euterpe, Thalia, Melpomene, Terpsichore, Polyhymnia, Urania, Calliope, Erato
Oracle of Delphi
Temple where the Pythia speaks for Apollo, Sayings: "Know Thyself" and "Nothing in Excess"
Trojan War
The ten-year war began when Paris, son of Priam King of Troy, carried off Helen, wife of Menelaus. Priam was husband of Hecuba and father of Hector.
slayer of the Minotaur that Minos had kept in the labyrinth. The Minotaur was the offspring of Pasiphae and a bull.
The 12 children of Uranus and Gaia(Ge): Oceanus, Coeus, Crius, Hyperion, Iapetus, Themis, Mnemosyne, Phoebe, Tethys, and Cronus
Beloved of Eos, Dawn. He was a member of the Trojan royal house. She requested that Zeus make him immortal but neglected to ask that he be eternally youthful. He eventually aged, withered, and finally turned into a grasshopper.
Sky god, husband of Gaia, father of the titans, overthrown by his son Cronus
Virgil's Aeneid
Aeneas recounts his adventures in a feast at Carthage. He tells of the fall of his native Troy and of how he fled from the city, and eventually established Rome.
Achilles' mother, a nereiad married to Peleus a mortal King.
Zeus, Jupiter
Chief Olympian, rules the sky
son of Odysseus