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  1. Hades
  2. Asclepious
  3. Ovid
  4. Antaeus
  5. Aeneas
  1. a Roman, wrote Metamorphosis
  2. b son of Aphrodite and Anchises, founder of the Roman nation
  3. c Apollo's son Asclepius violated divine law by raising a mortal, Hippolytus, from the dead, so Zeus killed him with Cyclops's thunderbolts.
  4. d Gigantic wrestler, son of Gaea (earth) and Poseidon (sea), he became stronger whenever he touched the earth. Hercules lifted him from the ground and killed him.
  5. e Pluto, Olympian, rules the underworld, god of wealth, mining, minerals

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  1. friend of Achilles who dies in the Iliad.
  2. Vulcan, Olympian, son of Hera, husband of Aphrodite, blacksmith who manufactures armor and other items for the gods
  3. Phoenician princess abducted and carried to Crete by Zeus, who disguised himself in the form of a white bull.
  4. A giant with 100 eyes who watches over Io for Hera, also the name of Odysseus' dog
  5. Greek, wrote the Illiad and The Odyssey

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  1. Cerberusslayer of the Minotaur that Minos had kept in the labyrinth. The Minotaur was the offspring of Pasiphae and a bull.


  2. Castor and PolluxTitan, personification of the Sun, most of his attributes and myths were taken over by Apollo. Three children: Phaeton, Selene & Eos (Aurora, Dawn)


  3. Hestia, VestaOlympian, goddess of the hearth


  4. Sophocles's AntigoneOlympian, rules the oceans, god of horses, earthquakes


  5. Erinyes, FuriesAvenging spirits born from the drops of blood from Uranus'severed genitals that fell on the Earth