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  1. Telemachus
  2. Nemesis
  3. Erinyes, Furies
  4. Cronus, Kronos
  5. Tithonus
  1. a Beloved of Eos, Dawn. He was a member of the Trojan royal house. She requested that Zeus make him immortal but neglected to ask that he be eternally youthful. He eventually aged, withered, and finally turned into a grasshopper.
  2. b Greek & Roman goddess of retribution, who punished the sin of hubris, or pride (presumption against the gods)
  3. c son of Odysseus
  4. d Avenging spirits born from the drops of blood from Uranus'severed genitals that fell on the Earth
  5. e father of the Olympians, husband of Rhea, overthrown by his son Zeus

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  1. According to Orphism, Phanes is the firstborn of the gods, the "creator of everything" who hatches from the egg made (laid?) by Chronus (time).
  2. God of the winds
  3. The ten-year war began when Paris, son of Priam King of Troy, carried off Helen, wife of Menelaus. Priam was husband of Hecuba and father of Hector.
  4. Olympian, wife of Zeus, goddess of marriage, jealous of Zeus many liaisons, mother of Hebe (youthful bloom), Ilithyia (childbirth), Ares, Hephaestus,
  5. King of Mycaenae, leader of the Greek armies of against Troy, killed by his wife Clytemnestra

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  1. SibylThe prophetess who accompanies Aeneas into the underworld in the Aenead.


  2. Castor and Polluxsons of Zeus and Leda, sailed with Jason in his quest for the Golden Fleece. They were worshiped as gods, and became the constellations Gemini.


  3. Adonisa hunter beloved by Aphrodite, he was killed by a boar. Aphrodite caused the anemone to grow from his blood


  4. Athenedaughter of the titan Hyperion, goddess of the Moon, most of her attributes and myths were taken over by Artemis


  5. UranusSky god, husband of Gaia, father of the titans, overthrown by his son Cronus