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  1. Phanes
  2. Odysseus
  3. Oceanus
  4. Hephaestus
  5. Poseidon, Neptune
  1. a son of Laertes, husband of Penelope. father of Telemachus. He survives the Trojan war and shipwreck and finally returns home after a total of 20 years.
  2. b According to Orphism, Phanes is the firstborn of the gods, the "creator of everything" who hatches from the egg made (laid?) by Chronus (time).
  3. c Titan, personification of the stream of ocean that circles the disc of earth
  4. d Olympian, rules the oceans, god of horses, earthquakes
  5. e Vulcan, Olympian, son of Hera, husband of Aphrodite, blacksmith who manufactures armor and other items for the gods

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  1. Pluto, Olympian, rules the underworld, god of wealth, mining, minerals
  2. Daughter of Zeus and Metis, born from his head after he swallowed her mother
  3. Daughter of Minos, wife of Theseus, Aphrodite caused her to fall in love with her stepson Hippolytus.
  4. Temple where the Pythia speaks for Apollo, Sayings: "Know Thyself" and "Nothing in Excess"
  5. Achilles' mother, a nereiad married to Peleus a mortal King.

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  1. MenelausTrojan war: brother of Agamemnon, husband of Helen


  2. TitansAchilles' mother, a nereiad married to Peleus a mortal King.


  3. Selenedaughter of the titan Hyperion, goddess of the Moon, most of her attributes and myths were taken over by Artemis


  4. Nemesisson of Aphrodite and Anchises, founder of the Roman nation


  5. Helen of TroySpartan wife of Menelaus, her abduction by Paris was the cause of the Trojan War


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