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Latin Ch 29 Prac + Rev

Princeps arma meliora in manibus militum posuit, ut hostes terrerent.
The commander put better weapons in the soldiers' hands, so that they might frighten the enemy.
Hostes quidem negaverunt se arma dissimilar habere.
Indeed, the enemy denied that they had different weapons.
Pars militum lucem diei vitavit ne hic viderentur.
Part of the soldiers avoided the light of day, so that they might not be seen here.
Solem primam lucem caeli superi, lunam primam lucem vesperi, et stellas oculos noctis appellabant.
They used to call the sun the first light of the sky above, the moon the first light of the evening, and the stars the eyes of the night.
Illi adulescentes sapientiae denique cedant ut feliciores his sint.
Let those young men finally yield to wisdom so they may be happier than these ones.
Sapientes putant beneficia esse potentiora quam verba acerba et turpia.
Wise men consider kindnesses to be more powerful than harsh and ugly words.
Quidam magister verba tam dura discipulis dixit ut discederent.
A certain teacher spoke such harsh words to the students that they left.
Responderunt auctorem horum novem remediorum esse medicam potentissimam.
They responded that the inventor of these nine remedies was a very powerful doctor.
Nihil vero tam facile est ut sine labore id facere possimus.
Truly nothing is so easy that we can do it without labor.
Pro labore studioque patria nostra nobis plurimas occasiones bonas praestat.
In return for our effort and eagerness, our country offers us very many good opportunities.
Parentes plurima oscula dederunt natae gracili, in qua maximam delectationem semper inveniebat.
The parents gave very many kisses to their slender daughter, in who they always found the greatest pleasure.