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Who developing the Level II HCPCS coding system?

government printing office, local medicare carrier, publishers, CMS website

What are sources for obtaining listings of the national codes (4)?

modified, basic definition

HCPCS Level II modifier codes indicate that a procedure was ______ but with no change to the _____.

alphanumeric, alpha

HCPCS Level II modifiers are either _______ characters or two _____ characters.

category I

HCPCS Level II modifiers can be used with CPT _______ codes.

alphanumeric, letter

Level II codes are ________ with a _____ as the first character.

supplies, injections, other

National Level II Codes code for

icd 9, hcpcs

Medicare required codes for facility and physician ambulatory include _____ for diagnoses and ____ for procedures

icd 9, icd 9

Medicare required codes for inpatient facility include _____ for diagnoses and _____ for procedures

icd 9, hcpcs

Medicare required codes for inpatient physician services include ____ for diagnoses and _____ for procedures.


Level II modifiers may be used with any level of


Level II A codes are


Level II D codes are


Level II J codes are

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