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  1. African sleeping sickness
  2. antiviral
  3. 48
  4. IV or IM
  5. Daraprim
  1. a ___________ therapy is not very effective in many instances, particularly for the "routine" viral infections such as minor flu, colds, etc.
  2. b Antivirals may be used prophylactically or as treatment of influenza. For treatment, it needs to be started within ____ hours of the 1st sx.
  3. c aminoglycosides are not well absorbed orally, so they're given ____ or ____
  4. d transmitted by the bite of a tsetse fly
  5. e what is the drug of choice for toxoplasmosis (it's combined with sulfonamide antibiotic)

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  1. fluoroquinolones include the "__________"
  2. What are the antivirals used for chronic hepatitis (Hep B/ Hep C)
  3. particularly useful as antibiotic with anaerobic bacteria, and as antiprotozoal in the treatment of amebiasis, trichomoniasis, and giardiasis.
  4. Interferons are developed by DNA technology or other cellular manipulation. It is currently available only as ___________ medication, most commonly given SC although some are available for IM or IV.
  5. What is the only drug that is allowed on the market for malaria?

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  1. protozoa infections, worm infestations or helminthiasis, scabies, and pediculosis or liceWhat all do parasitic infections include?


  2. Synagiswhat is the drug of choice for pneumocystosis pneumonia?


  3. Fungizoneproblems of this antifungal include chills, fever, pain and phlebitis at the infusion site, extreme nephrotoxicity, and hypokalemia.


  4. macrolidesinhibit protein synthesis --bacteriostatic. Primary use in the past has been in patients allergic to penicillin, but today they're frequently used in out-patient treatment because of the availability of once a day dosing. The have a HIGH rate of RESISTANCE.


  5. bacitracina miscellaneous antibiotic that is an OTC topical