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  1. drug resistance
  2. hypoglycemia
  3. exoerythrocytic
  4. chloroquine
  5. Bactroban
  1. a antimalarial most commonly used for both acute treatment and prevention
  2. b sulfonamides may cause _____________ in a patient taking a sulfonylurea oral hypoglycemic agent for the treatment of diabetes.
  3. c malaria, once inside the body has 2 phases of its life cycle: an erythrocyte phase in RBCs and ____________ phase in the liver
  4. d when drug goes through metabolic change allowing it to survive and reproduce in presence of the drug
  5. e what is the drug of choice for intranasal application to help prevent the spread of MRSA and can also be used topically as an anti-infective with skin lesions such as impetigo.

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  1. the penicillin drugs are the "_______" family
  2. New class of drugs that inhibit bacterial growth by interrupting protein synthesis (bacteriostatic)
  3. these drugs are usually bacteriocidal, they weaken the bacterial cell wall making it susceptible to influx of water and lysis. It has a problem of resistant strains of bacteria. A major problem is hypersensitivity. Depending on the drug and dosage, it can cause varying degrees of neurotoxicity, nephrotoxicity, and hepatotoxicity.
  4. do not take these with calcium, including milk or milk products, with antacids, or with iron (it will become nonabsorbable)
  5. American Trypanosomiasis transmitted by the bite of various bugs in South America and the Carribbean

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  1. cyclineTetracyclines include "_______" in the generic name and "mycin" in the trade name


  2. Retrovirusesinhibit protein synthesis --bacteriostatic. Primary use in the past has been in patients allergic to penicillin, but today they're frequently used in out-patient treatment because of the availability of once a day dosing. The have a HIGH rate of RESISTANCE.


  3. African sleeping sicknessmost ____________ are "mycins" but not all "mycins" are __(same thing)______


  4. hepatotoxicity and drug-drug interactionsPrimary SE with most of the azoles are ___________ and ____-_____ ____________ due to the inhibition of P450 hepatic enzymes.


  5. resistanceViruses mutate rapidly, resulting in drug _________. Multidrug therapy helps lessen this problem.


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