10 terms

2010 Buck Module 18 Exam B

Medical Coding
Plastic repair of the cleft lip/nasal deformity primary bilateral, one of two stages.
40702 Hint: Repair, cleft lip
Excision, lesion of the palate with a simple primary closure.
42106 Hint: Excision, lesion, palate
I&D of a peritonsillar abscess.
42700 Hint: Incision and drainage, abscess, tonsil
A diagnostic esophagoscopy was performed. During the procedure an esophageal polyp was found and removed by hot biopsy forceps.
[43216] Hint: Endoscopy, esophagus, removal, polyp
A direct ligation of esophageal varices.
43400 Hint: Ligation, esophageal varices
The gallbladder is removed under laparoscopic guidance.
47562 Hint: Laparoscopy, cholecsystectomy
Transection of the esophagus with repair for esophageal varices.l
43401 Hint: Repair, esophagus, varices
Colotomy with removal of foreign body.
44025 Hint: See colotomy
Surgical repair of reducible inguinal hernia of a 4-month-old male, initial repair.
49495 Hint: Hernia repair, inguinal
Plastic repair of a bilateral cleft lip, primary, in one stage.
40701 Hint: Repair, cleft lip