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Medical Coding

Bilateral vasectomy.

Hint: See vasectomy

Ureteral endoscopy through an established ureterostomy with irrigation and the removal of a foreign body.

Hint: Endoscopy, ureters, removal, foreign body

A nephrectomy with a total ureterectomy and bladder cuff, through different incisions.

Nephrectomy, with ureters

Radical orchiectomy by inguinal approach due to a tumor.

Hint: Orchiectomy, radical, inguinal approach

Complex cystometrogram with calibrated electronic equipment.

Hint: See cystometrogram

The patient requires the lysis of post-circumcision penile adhesions

Hint: Adhesions, penile, lysis, post-circumcisionHint: Adhesions, penile, lysis, post-circumcision

Fulguration of a urethral prolapse.

53275Hint: Destruction, urethra, prolapse

Urethral biopsy.

Urethral biopsy.

A complete transurethral electrosurgical resection of the prostate.

Hint: See prostatectomy

Cystourethroscope with insertion of permanent urethral stent.

Hint: Cystourethroscopy, insertion, urethral stent

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