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trait that increases an individuals ability to survive in a particular environment
ability of a trait to be passed on to the offspring
downey mildue
- thrives in moist environments
- cause leaves to turn yellow
natural selection
favors the individuals that reproduce more than others
monsoon drift
warm water asian current
galapagos islands are cooled by
humboldt current
humboldt current
carries cool water northward from Antartica
Darwin was influenced by
hold the geologic processes occurs today the same way as in the past
consequences of uniformitarianism
Earth is cold
Argentinean pampas
type of grassland
at the fossil site at Ponta Alta, what did Darwin find
evidence of extinction
a desert
differences among all people are primarily
bacteria cells
have higher fitness when they're drug resistant
combination of postulates 3 & 4
individuals experiencing differential success in their ability to survive or reproduces
combination of postulates 1 & 2
heritable variation exists for traits among individuals in a population
the four postulates of natural selection
1. variation in population
2. heritable variation
3. differential survival
4. reproduction
Galapagos Island is located
off the coast of Ecuador
decreasing the methylation of histone tails would most likely result in
decrease chromatin condensation
steps of mRNA degradation
1. precursor miRNA forms a hairpin loop
2. Dicer cleaves the precursor miRNA into small fragments
3. one strand of the miRNA binds a protein complex, the other strand is degraded
4. miRNA binds to mRNA
5. mRNA is degraded or translation of mRNA is halted
what mechanism is least likely to convert a porto-oncogene to an oncogene
histone acetylation
potential control mechanisms for regulation of gene expression in eukaryotic organisms
- degradation of mRNA
- initiation of transcription
- transport of mRNA from the nucleus
- RNA interference by single stranded miRNAs
[A] / / [B] [ C ] [ D ]
label the parts
a- enhancer
b- proximal control elements
c- promoter
d- introns and exons
if the amount of glucose increases in a cell,
the cAMP concentration falls
without cAMP
CAP detaches from the operon
when CAP detaches from the operon
RNA polymerase binds less efficiently to he promoter
Epigenetic inheritance
inheritance of traits transmitted by mechanisms not directly involving the nucleotide sequence
lack of which molecule will enable the cell from turning "off" genes
RNA interference
destroyed if they have a sequence complementary to an introduced double stranded RNA
forms of RAS in tumors usually causes ..
growth factor to be hyperactive
the incidence of cancer increases in older people because
the longer we live the more mutations we accumulate