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consolidated power and formed nation-states
population shares a common identity
William the Conqueror
leader of the Norman Conquest, united most of England (1027-1087)
common law
established by following earlier judicial decisions; began in the reign of Henry II
Henry II
King of England who established royal courts.
King John
King of England who was forced to sign the Magna Carta.
Magna Carta
Document was signed by King John in 1215. It was the first document that limited the power of the government.
Hundred Years War
War between England and France over who controls the countries. Helped make cultural identity strong and unify the countries.
the lawmaking body of British government, began as an advising body, and has evolved to a congress.
Hugh Capet
Leader of Paris who became King of France and expanded control over most of France
Joan of Arc
French military leader who believed God told her to fight England. Inspirational leader.
Ferdinand and Isabella
The Catholic monarchs of Spain. They defeated the Moors and expelled the Jews. They united Spain.
Spanish Muslims (descendants of Northern Africa) expelled from Spain by Ferdinand & Isabella
Charles V
He expanded the Spanish Empire into the Western Hemisphere
Ivan the Great
Expelled the Mongols, controlled the nobles, and made Moscow the center of a new Russian state with a central government. He was the greatest tsar.
Russian King, Ivan the Great gave him total, centralized power
Orthodox Church
Russian Christianity. It influenced unification of Russia
Asian people who conquered much of Eur
Black Death
another name for the Bubonic plague. It was a fast spreading, deadly disease.
It spread from East to West.
religious community of church scholars
clergy translated Greek & Arabic writings into this language
church scholars
could read and write; they worked in monasteries,
effects of Bubonic plague
decline in population; decline in trade; scarcity of labor; decline in church influence; end of feudalism
effects of church scholars
made new knowledge in philosophy, medicine, & science available in Europe; laid the foundations for the rise of universities in Europe

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