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  1. depict
  2. disperse
  3. enshroud
  4. skeptical
  5. scrutiny
  1. a v. to represent; to portray by or as by a picture
  2. b close examination
  3. c to cause to separate and go in different directions
  4. d doubtful; questioning
  5. e cover as if with a shroud

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  1. express grief verbally
  2. watchful and cautious
  3. To clot; cause to thicken
  4. To prevent from taking place; frustrate; block
  5. assumption, theory requiring proof

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  1. quellto put an end to


  2. expansivewidespread


  3. innocuousharmful; poisonous


  4. laggardhang around; stand idly about


  5. cuisineprocess of combining things into one


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