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  1. intrepid
  2. coagulate
  3. enshroud
  4. conflagration
  5. broach
  1. a a large destructive fire
  2. b To clot; cause to thicken
  3. c cover as if with a shroud
  4. d fearless
  5. e to mention or suggest for the first time

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  1. dawdler, loafer, lazy person
  2. total lack of inhibition
  3. easily made angry
  4. shooting back and forth
  5. harmful; poisonous

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  1. avaricegreed


  2. ardentlyhaving the power to influence or convince


  3. ponderto consider or think about something in depth


  4. resonatemove in a wavy pattern


  5. assentagreement with a statement or proposal to do something