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  1. diplomacy
  2. viscous
  3. coagulate
  4. enthrall
  5. fetid
  1. a smelly
  2. b To clot; cause to thicken
  3. c thick, syrupy, and sticky
  4. d The art of negotiating, conducting, and maintaining relationships using discretion and tact
  5. e to hold spellbound; to captivate, enchant

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  1. use or manipulate to one's advantage
  2. secretive
  3. A business that makes a product or provides a service
  4. dulled by excess or overuse; cynical
  5. essential for completeness

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  1. salutationa greeting


  2. proclaimhumorously sarcastic or mocking


  3. inoffensiveharmless, innocent


  4. sharda piece of broken pottery or glass


  5. apocryphalomen