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revenue cycle

the recurring set of busi activities and info processing operations associated with providing goods and services to customers an collecting cash in payment for those sales

sales order

the document created during sales order entry listing the item numbers, quantities, prices, and terms of the sale


Interactive sales order entry systems that allow customers to customize the products that they are ordering

vendor managed inventory VMI

when manufacturers and distributors manage a retail customer's inventory using and EDI

credit limit

the maximum allowable acount balance for each customer, based on past credit history and ability to pay

back order

a document authorizing the purchase or produciton of items for which sufficient quantity is not available to meet customer orders.

picking ticket

a document authorizing the inventory control function to release merchandise to the shipping department, often printed so that the item numbers and quantities are listed in the sequence in which they can be most efficiently retrieved from the warehouse.

packing slip

document listing the quantity and description of each item included in a shipment

bill of lading

a legal contract that defines responsibility for goods while they are int ransit. It identifies the carrier, source, destination, any special shipping instructions, and indicates which party must pay the carrier

sales invoice

a document notifying customers of the amount of a sale and where to send payment

open-invoice method

method for maintaining a/r in which customers typically pay according to each invoice. usually, two copies of the invoice are mailed to the customer, who is requested to return one copy with the payment

remittance advice

an enclosure included with a customer's payment that indicates the invoices, stmts, or other items paid

balance-forward method

method of maintaining a/r in which customers typically pay according to the amount shown on a mthly stmt, rather than by individual invoices. remittances are applied against the total account balance rather than against specific invoices.

monthly statement

a document summarizing all transactions that occured during the past month and informing customers of their current account balance.

cycle billing

a procedure for producing monthly stmt for subsets of customers at different times. ex the custoemr master file might be divided into four parts, and each week monthly statements would be prepared for one-fourth of the customers.

credit memo

a document authorizing the billing department to credit the customer's account. usually issued for sales returns, allowances granted for damaged goods kept by the customer, or write off uncollectible accounts. approved by credit mger.

remittance list

a document listing all checks received in the mail


a postal address to which customers send their remittances.this post office box is maintained by the participating bank, which picks up the checks each day and deposits them to the company's account. the bank sends the remittance advices, and electronic list of all remittances, and digital copies of all checks to the company.

electronic lockbox

a lockbox arrangement in which the bank electronically sends the company info about the customer account number and the amount remitted as soon as it receives and scans those checks. this enables the company to begin applying remittances to customer accounts before the photocopies of the checks arrive.

electronic funds transfer EFT

the transfer of funds bw two or more org of individuals using computers and otehr automated technology. customers can send their remittances electronically to the company's bank and thus eliminate the delay associated with the time the remittance is in the mail.

financial electronic data interchange FEDI

the combo of EFT and EDI that enables both remittance data and funds transfer instructions to be included in one electronic package.

sales analysis reports

reports used to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales force by breaking down sales by salesperson, region, or product

profitability analysis reports

reports used to assess overall marketing performance by breaking down the marginal profit contribution made by each territory, customer, distribution channel, salesperson, product, or other basis.

cash budget

a budget that shows projected cash inflows and outflows. can provide advance warning of cash flow problems so corrective actions are taken

accounts receivable aging schedule

report listing custoemrs account balances by length of time outstanding. used to evaluat current credit policies, for estimating bad debts, and for deciding whether to incr the cr limit for specific customers.

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