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How was trade stimulated between Europe and the Muslim Empire during the Crusades?
The Muslim Empire provided many disirable products.
Economic effects of the Crusades
- encouraged the use of credit and banking
- the demand for Middle Eastern products increased
- stimulated the production of goods to trade in Middle Eastern markets
Economic concepts/foundations of the Renaissance
- Church rule against usuray and bank's practice of charging interest to help secularize(seperate from religion) northern Italy
- new accounting and bookkeeping practices using Arabic numerals
- Letters of credit helped to expand the supply of money and accelerate trade
Where did the Renaissance begin?
Trade promoted frequent contacts with what two empires?
Byzantine and Muslim
Name three wealthy city-states during the Renaissance?
Who wrote The Prince?
Who wrote the "ends justify the means?"
Why were the city-states of northern Italy the area where the Renaissance began?
- access to trade routes that connected Europe and the Middle Eastern markets
- served as a centers of trade for distribution of good to Northern Europe
-independent city-states in northern Italy were governed as republics
How did Italian city-states develop?
Through wealth from European trade with the Middle East.
Who were active civic leaders during this time?
Machiavelli's ideas about power
-supported absolute power of a ruler
-believed that the ends justified the means
- one should do good if possible, but do evil when necessary
What did art and literature during the Medieval Age focus on?
What did art and literature during the Renaissance focus on?
-Worldly matters
The new ideas of the Renaissance were reflected in what areas?
arts, philosophy, and literature
Who was Petrarch?
He wrote 14-line poems called sonnets. He was also a humanist.
What is humanism and how did the classical knowledge of Greeks and Romans help encourage humanism in the Italian Renaissance?
- Celebrated the individual
-Inspired the study of Greek and Roman literature and culture
-humanism was supported by wealthy patrons, specifically the Medici family
As new ideas were adopted during the Renaissance through art, philosophy and literature how did education change?
It became more secular.
(no religious or spiritual basis)
How did the Renaissance spread from Italy to northern Europe?
-by trade
-artist fled to northern Europe due to Italy's invasion by France
Identify how the Italian Renaissance changed in northern Europe.

(Art and literature changed as people from different cultures accepted Renaissance ideas)
-Humanist ideas and Christianity were merged by Norther Renaissance thinkers
-Northern Europe supported Renaissance ideas due to growing wealth
Who invented the movable type printing press?
(increased the production and sale of books, and help spread ideas)
Johann Gutenburg
(He is known for printing the Gutenburg Bible)
Name two Renaissance writers.
Erasmus ------The Praise of Folly (1511)
Sir Thomas More- ----Utopia (1516)
Art: Mona Lisa
Artist:Leonardo da Vinci
Art: The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
Art: The Last Supper
Artist:Leonardo da Vinci
Art: The statue of David
Artist: Michelangelo

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