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AQA AS Psychology: Biopsychology


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Central Nervous System (CNS)
System comprises of the brain and spinal cord
Peripheral nervous system (PNS)
All nervous systems throughout the rest of the body
What is the brains main job?
Maintain life
What is the spinal cords job?
Transfer messages to and from the brain to the PNS
Where does the PNS transfer messages from?
Whole body to the brain
What are the two divisions of the PNS?
Somatic and Autonomic
What is the somatic nervous system's main job?
Transmit and receive messages from the senses
What does the autonomic nervous system do?
Transmit and receives info from the organs
What are the two divisions of the autonomic nervous system?
Sympathetic and Parasympathetic
What does the sympathetic nervous system do?
Increases bodily activities
What does the parasympathetic nervous system do?
Maintains or decreases bodily activities
What are the 3 types of neuron?
Sensory, relay, motor
What does the Sensory neuron do?
Tells brain about internal and external environment by processing info from the senses
What does the Relay neuron do?
Carries messages from one parts of CNS to another and connects motor and sensory neurons
What does the Motor neuron do?
Carries signals from CNS, helping organs, muscles and glands to function
What is synaptic transmission?
The process by which nerve impulses are carried across the synapse
What is a synapse?
Specialised gap between neurons
What is a nerve impulse and how is it carried?
An electrical signal carried by neurotransmitters
What did Yamamoto and Kitazawa find?
Feels like your touched at different times because of the distance between your brain and the place you are touched
What causes potential?
Ions flowing through the membrane of a neuron
Excitatory potential
Increase the chance of a neuron firing
Inhibitory potential
Decreases the chance of a neuron firing
What doe the Pituitary gland do (master gland)?
Some hormones regulate endocrine system
What does the adrenal gland do?
Releases adrenaline
What is adrenaline used for?
Fight or flight response
What are the testes used for?
Releasing testosterone
What are the ovaries used for?
Releasing oestrogen and progesterone
What does the thyroid gland release?
What does the Parathyroid gland release?
What does the pancreas release?
What is oxytocin important for?
Reproductive behaviour
When is oxytocin released?
Following an orgasm
What did Kosfeld find?
High levels of oxytocin encourage strong bonding between couples
What did Fledman find?
Same as Kosfeld but for mother-child bonding
Which nervous system is the fight or flight response part of?
Which part of the autonomic nervous system is the fight or flight response part of?
What kind of response is the fight or flight response?