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Three major ivilizations in South America, Central America, and Mexico
Mayan, Axtec, and Incan
Location of the Mayan civilization
Mexican and Central American rain forest
Characteristics of the Mayan civiliztion
-Chichen Itza -important city for religion and trade
-groups of city-states ruled by kings
-economy based on agriculture and trade
-polytheistic religion(known for pyramids)
Location of the Aztec civilization
Central Mexico (arid valley)
Characteristics of the Aztec civiliztion
-Main city Tenochititlan
-ruled by an emperor
-economy based on agriculture and from conquered people
-polytheistic religion(known for pyramids and rituals)
Location of the Incan civilization
Andes Mountains of South America
Characteristics of the Incan civiliztion
-Main city Machu Picchu
-ruled by an emperor
-economy based on agriculture (high altitude)
-polytheistic religion
-road system
Three contributions of the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans
Writing System