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  1. Methanol
  2. Mitochondria
  3. Lower Epidermis
  4. Ribosomes
  5. Sodium Bicarbonate
  1. a produce proteins
  2. b has openings called stomatas that allow CO2 and O2 out for photosynthesis
  3. c takes chlorophyl out of plants
  4. d adds CO2
  5. e produces energy for the cell

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  1. indicator for CO2
  2. permeable, semi-permeable, impermeable
  3. indicator for sugar
  4. Process by which cells obtain engery from glucose
  5. the process by which green leaves capture sunlight to make food

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  1. Cohesionsticking to the vein wall


  2. Fermentationan energey realeasing process that does not require oxygen


  3. Capillary ActionProcess by which cells obtain engery from glucose


  4. iodineindicator for starch


  5. Robert Hookethe attraction of H2O molecules to eachother