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  1. Ribosomes
  2. Capillary Action
  3. Transpiration Pull
  4. Cell Theory (3)
  5. E.R. (Endoplasmic Reticulum)
  1. a passageways that carry materials from one part of a cell to another
  2. b suction or pull set up in the column of H2O in the vein
  3. c produce proteins
  4. d All living things composed of cells. Cells are the basic unit of structure and function in living things. All cells are produced from other cells.
  5. e results from adhesion, the attraction of H2O in the veins to the sides of the veins

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  1. diffusion of water
  2. the process by which green leaves capture sunlight to make food
  3. receives materials from E.R. and releases them to other parts of the cell
  4. absorbing water and nutrients from soil
  5. they capture energy from sunlight and use it to produce food for the cell, in plant cells only

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  1. Lime watertakes chlorophyl out of plants


  2. Sodium Hydroxideabsorbs CO2


  3. Cell Membraneprotects cell and regulates what goes in and out of the cell


  4. Robert Hookereceives materials from E.R. and releases them to other parts of the cell


  5. Lower Epidermishas openings called stomatas that allow CO2 and O2 out for photosynthesis