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thirteen colonies


-founded in 1585 by Sir Walter Raleigh-region: south-first British colony in north america
-failed because of food shortages and conflicts between Native Americans and Spanish
- settlers mysteriously disappeared

Jamestown, Virginia

-founded in 1607 by John Smith-region: south-religion: anglican-economy: tobacco -government: royal

What John Smith did to improve Jamestown

-bargained with Powhatan Indians for food
-"no work, no food" rule


The Virginia Company offered 50 acres of land to whoever could pay their own transportation to the colonies

Indentured Servant

person who worked for no wages for 4-7 years for transportation to colonies

House of Burgesses

-male representatives met with the governor to make laws for Jamestown
-first representative government in English colonies

Representative Government

government where voters elect representatives to make laws

Voting Rights

by 1723 only white male property owners could vote


-founded in 1634 by Lord Baltimore
-region: middle
-religion: Catholic
-government: proprietary
-economics: tobacco

Act of Toleration

created in Maryland to allow only Christian faiths, attracted Catholics to Maryland


--founded in 1733 by James Oglethorpe
-region: south
-religion: anglican
-government: royal
-economics: rice, but mainly used as a buffer colony to protect Carolinas and a place to put debtors


-founded in 1620 by William Bradford
-region: north
-religion: Puritan
-government: charter
-economics: farming

Mayflower Compact

-made laws to benefit the whole settlement
-first form of self-government in the Americas

Massachusetts Bay

-founded in 1628 by John Winthrop
-region: north
-religion: Puritan
-government: charter
-economics: farming, fishing, shipbuilding

Puritans used witches as scapegoats for...

-Native Americans
-belief in the devil


-founded in 1635 (1636?) by Thomas Hooker
-region: north
-religion: Puritan
-government: charter
-economics: mixed farming

Rhode Island

-founded in 1636 (1635?)by Roger Williams
-religion: none
-government: charter
-economics: mixed farming


-founded in 1681 by William Penn
-region: middle
-religion: Quaker
-government: proprietary
-economics: wheat and farming

New York

-founded in 1613(1624?) by Dutch and Duke of York
-region: middle
-religion: Anglican
-government: proprietary, then royal
-economics: farming and furs

New Hampshire

-founded in 1623 by John Mason
-region: north
-religion: Puritan and congregational
-government: charter, then royal
-economics: farming


-founded in 1638 by Swedes
-region: middle
-religion: none
-government: proprietary
-economics: ship building and farming

North Carolina

-founded in 1653 by Virginians
-region: south
-religion: Anglican
-government: proprietary
-economics: rice, tobacco, lumber

New Jersey

-founded in 1664 by Berkeley
-region: middle
-religion: none
-government: proprietary
-economics: farming

South Carolina

-founded in 1670 by Eight Nobles
-region: south
-government: proprietary
-economics: mainly rice (but also tobacco and indigo...)

New England Colonies

-deep harbors
-subsistence farming
-family was center of life

Middle Colonies

-fertile soil ("bread colonies")
-deep harbors for shipping
-ethnically mixed
-religious tolerance
-less aristocracy (economic/social democracy)

Plantation Colonies (South)

-agricultural production of rice and tobacco
-slow rivers
-religious tolerance
-soil butchery
-large plantations prevented the formation of large cities

English dissenters

-Puritans, Separatists, Catholics
-Thomas Hooker, Roger Williams, Anne Hutchinson

The Great Awakening

-religion less popular
-Jonathan Edwards preached that salvation depended on god's grace
-George Whitefield used his oration skills to spread Edward's beliefs
-creation of Universities

JohnPeter Zenger Trial

-newspaper editor criticized a corrupt governor
-jury found him not guilty
-freedom of press to criticize politicians publicly

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