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Claw hammer

Rip hammer

Tack hammer

Sledge hammer

Ball peen hammer

Hand Stapler

Self retracting hand tape measure

100' Open reel tape measure

Framing square

Try Square

Combination Square

Speed square

Spirit Level

Bullet Level

Bevel Gauge or Sliding T-Bevel

Chalk Line

Trammel Points

Coping Saw

Keyhole Saw

Wood Plane

Draw knife

Aviation snips

Dykes or Diagonal Cutters

Bolt Cutters

Wood Chisel

Cold Chisel

Utility knife (Mat knife, x-acto knife)

Linesman's pliers

Slip joint pliers

Channel Lock or Box Joint Pliers

Vise Grip Pliers

Needle Nosed Pliers

Open End Wrench

Box End Wrench

Open Ended Adjustable Wrench (Crescent or C-wrench)

Pipe Wrench

Parallel Jaw Clamp

Wonder Bar

Slotted Screw Driver

Phillips Screw Driver

Nut Driver

Portable Circular Saw

Power Miter Saw

Cordless Drill

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