Business Operation System

Dental Assisting in the Front Office

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cross-reference file
a BLANK is a filing system that uses alphabetic order by name and provides a document number
daily schedule
a printed schedule of the days procedures that is copied and placed throughtout the office for viewing by staff is a BLANK ?
a BLANK is a type of file or statment that contains the patients financial records.
out guide
a BLANK is like a bookmark for a filing system.
a written statement that outlines the manufactureres responsibility for replacement and repair of a particular product is call BLANK ?
purchase order
a BLANK is a form that authorizes the purchase of supplies from the supplier.
the BLANK of something is the time a product may be stored before it begins to deteriorate and is no longer usable.
want list
a BLANK is a list of supplies to be ordered.
rate of use
the BLANK is how many or how much of a product is under within a given time.
a BLANK is a formal request for supplies.
reorder tags
BLANK are placed when the supply of a certain item is close to being low and theitem needs to be replaced.
the BLANK is the time estimated to allow for delays when materials are ordered or backordered materials are shipped.
business assistant
Who oversees the financial activities of the dental practice?
office procedure manual
How should a new employee learn about office protocol?
What continues to replace manual work in the business place?
Another term used for "patient statement" is?
4 inches
How much free space should be left on each shelf of a filing cabinet?
What is used to mark a space where a file has been taken?
What is the easiest filing system used?
If a patient has not been seen within the past 4 years, what is his/her status as a patient of the practice?
10-15 minutes
How many minutes commonly make up 1 unit of time for scheduling?
office hours, buffer times and meetings
What elements should be outlined in an appointment book?
patient record
If a patient does not keep his/her appointment, where should this be recorded?
6 months
What is the most common time frame for scheduling recall appointments?
If a patient is seen in September, what is his/her recall time for a 6-month appointment?
rae of use, shelf life and lead time
What factors must be determined when a product has to be reordered?
reorder tag
How is an item marked for reorder?
from a sales representative, by a telephone or fax and from a catalog
How are supplies ordered?
goes on backorder
What happens when an item is not available from a supply company?
What is not considered an expendable item?
loss of income, inconeenience to the dental team and scheduling conflicts
When a dental unit breaks down, how does this affect a dental practice?
A written statement that the dentist receives from the manufacturuer that describes the responsibility of equipment replacement and repair is aka a?