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Å være

To be,
was/were, have been

Å ha

To have,
had, have had

Å gjøre

To do,
did, have done

Å dra

To go,
went, have gone


could, -

Å få

To get,
got, have got


would, -

Å tenke

To think,
thought, have thought

Å ta

To take,
took, have taken

Å se

To see,
saw, have seen

Å komme

To come,
came, have come

Å finne

To find,
found, have found

Å gi

To give,
gave, have given

Å fortelle

To tell,
told, have told

Får lov til, kan




Å føle

To feel,
felt, have felt

Å bli

To become,
became, have become

Å forlate

To leave,
left, have left

Å legge

To put,
put, have put

Å mene

To mean,
meant, have meant

Å beholde

To keep,
kept, have kept

Å la

To let,
let, have let

Å begynne

To begin,
began, have begun

Å løpe

To run,
ran, have run

Å holde

To hold,
held, have held

Å ta med

To bring,
brought, have brought

Å skrive

To write,
wrote, have written

Å sitte

To sit,
Sat, have sat

Å stå

To stand,
stood, have stood

Å miste

To lose,
lost, have lost

Å møte

To meet,
met, have met

Å sette

To set,
set, have set

Å føre

To lead,
led, have led

Å forstå

To understand,
understood, have understood

Å snakke

To speak,
spoke, have spoken

Å lese

To read,
read, have read

Å bruke, tilbringe

To spend,
spent, have spent

Å vokse

To grow,
grew, have grown

Å vinne

To win,
won, have won

Å kjøpe

To buy,
bought, have bought

Å sende

To send,
sent, have sent

Å bygge

To build,
built, have built

Å falle

To fall,
fell, have fallen

Å skjære, hogge

To cut,
cut, have cut

Å selge

To sell,
sold, have sold

Å kjøre

To drive,
drove, have driven

Å brekke

To break,
broke, have broken

Å ha på seg

To wear,
wore, have worn

Å slå, treffe

To hit,
hit, have hit

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