25 terms

Simple machines

simple machines
Whats a machine?
a device that makes work easier
What is a load?
The force required to do the job
What is effort?
The force you use to complete the job
Machines make a task easier in 3 ways, list them.
size, speed, direction
What is a lever?
A simple machine consisting of a rigid rod that pivots about a point
What is a Fulcrum?
The point about which a lever pivots
What is the definition for a ramp?
Use a smaller force over a larger distance to lift objects
What is a wedge?
a double inclined plane
Give two examples of a wedge
pins, nails
What are zips?
two sets of interlocking teeth
What part of a wheel is the axle?
The middle
What part of a wheel is the rim?
The outside
What is a pulley?
A wheel with a grove where a rope can move
What are gears?
Wheels with teeth
What are a gears two multipliers?
Speed and force
What are the two ways that gears can work?
They either mesh together or are joined by a chain
What is a first class lever?
Fulcrum in the middle
What is a second class lever?
Load in the middle
What is a third class lever?
effort in the middle
scissors are what class of lever?
first class
a tennis racquet is what class of lever?
third class
a wheel barrow is what class of lever?
second class
What is a screw?
A spiral inclined plane
To calculate the mechanical advantage you need to...
divide the height of the ramp by the length of the ramp
To calculate the effort required you need to...
Divide the total force by the mechanical advantage