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pg 38-44 textbook


a disturbance that __________energy from plance to place


the ability to do ________


the _____________through which a wave travels through


a repeated ________and ________or _______and ___________motion


the ___________point of a wave


the ____________point of a wave


the maximum _______________that the particles of the medium ________________the wave __________ away from the their rest positions


the distance between two ___________________ parts of a wave


the number of _______________waves that pass a given point in a certain amount of __________


____________ of frequency


how _________ the wave travels in a given amount of ______________

electromagnetic wave

______________electrical and magnetic energy

electromagnetic radiation

energy that is transfered through ____________ by electromagnetic _____________

electromagnetic spectrum

the complete ____________of electromagnetic waves placed in order of _______________frequency

visible light

electromagnetic waves you can _________

radio waves

electromagnetic waves with the _____________ wavelengths and _____________frequencies


radio waves with the ________________wavelengths and _______________frequencies

infrared rays

____________heat you feel from a heated source

ultraviolent rays

electromagnetic waves with wavelengths ________ shorter than those of visible light


electromagnetic waves with wavelengths just shorter than those of ______________________

gamma rays

electromagnetic waves with the _____________ wavelengths and the _______________ amount of energy

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