13 terms

The Cell and its Environment pp56-60

selectively permeable
a property of cell membranes that allows some substances to pass through, while others cannot
diffusion, osmosis, active transport
Name three ways that substances can move into and out of a cell
What is the main method by which small molecules move into and out of cells?
higher to lower
What direction do molecules move in diffusion?
in this method, water molecules diffuse through a selectively permeable membrane
concentration of water molecules is the same inside and outside of the cell
most of the water is outside the cell
most of the water is inside the cell
diffusion, osmosis
two ways of moving things into and out of cells that do not need energy
passive transport
moving materials through a cell membrane without using energy
way cell membrane surrounds a particle, form a vacuole on the cell
transport protein
a protein located in the cell membrane that helps move specific substances in and out of the cell
engulfing, transport proteins
LIst 2 ways that the cell moves things by active transport