Starting a New School Year Sentences


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Victor is ordering some pens, binders, nametags, and other office __.
Whenever you go on a hike, be sure your __ contains water, food, a flashlight, warm clothes, and a whistle.
Sean tries to reduce the family's expenses by __ his wife a lunch each morning before she goes to work.
As a child, Ilesa was always a __, preferring to spend her time reading books rather than being around other children her age.
Movies often show that the head cheerleader and the quarterback on the football team are the most __ kids in high school. Is that really true?
left out
Desiree felt __ at the party. Everyone else was talking, laugh, and having a great time while she just sat on the couch and sipped her drink.
kicks off
The festival __ with a big show with a lot of local celebrities.
Trent wakes up early every day during the __ year, but during summer vacation, he prefers to sleep in until noon.
These boxes __ a ton! Can you please help me move them?
In our high school, the school principal randomly checks students' __ for drugs and alcohol.
seating plan
Are you going to create a __ plan for your wedding reception, or will you let people sit wherever they want to?
In elementary school, we were in just one __ all day. Now that we're older, we move to different classrooms for different subjects.
I have so much __! I have to write two essays, solve 20 math problems, summarize six chapters, and read this short story by the end of the week.
Melanie spent hours __ in front of the mirror while getting ready for her date.