Starting a New School Year

vocabulaire de Mr herman

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a cloth or leather bag worn on one's back while hanging from two straps, one over each shoulder, usually with many zippered pockets
to pack (someone) a lunch
to put food in a small bag for another person so that he or she can eat lunch away from home without needing to buy food in a restaurant morning before she goes to work.
a quiet person who spends a lot of time alone and does not have friends
very well liked by many people
to feel left out
to feel that one does not belong in a group, although one would like to; to perceive that one is not truly accepted by another group of people and is not welcome to do what they do
to kick off
to start something, especially with a lot of enthusiasm
school year
the academic year, usually from early September to early June.
following the rules and insisting that other people follow the rules; inflexible
to weigh a ton
to be very heavy
one of many tall metal cupboards that stand next to each other and are attached to the wall at many high schools, with individual doors that can be locked, used to store books, jackets, bags, and other items
seating plan
a map showing which seats are for which people; a drawing that assigns individuals to specific seats
a room where a teacher presents information and students learn
school assignments; tasks that students must complete in the evening outside of their regular class time
to fuss
to worry about many things that do not seem important to other people; to treat something as being more important than it actually is
leather bag
cloth bag
metal cupboard