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Nurses must be careful not to stereotype clients because their work depends on the ability to see each client as unique


The goal of cultural awareness is to end prejudice and discrimination

Non Verbal Communication

Vital to communicating with clients; Culture strongly affects nonverbal communication

Cultural Sensitivity

Bring aware of the needs and feelings of one's own culture and of other cultures

Cultural Awareness

Knowing about the similarities and differences among cultures

Cultural Competence

A set if skills, knowledge, and attitudes that must encompass
1. Awareness and acceptance of differences
2. Awareness of ones own cultural values
3. Understanding of the dynamica of difference
4. Development of cultural knowledge
5. Ability to adapt practice skills to fit the cultural context of the client


Interpretig the beliefs and behaviors of others in terms of ones own cultural values and traditiona

Health Care Seeking Behaviors

Do not view health seeking behaviors of ethnic groups as foolish or primitive; A point of conflict

Health Care Practices and Use of Practitioners

Part of the cultural assessment


Physical separation of housing and services based on race


Do not use family members or children


The modification of a groups or individuals culture as a result of contact with another group


The nurse will need to develop knowledge of different cultures, especially those where the nurse lives and works

Theories of Transcultural Nursing

Begun by Dr. Madeleine Leininger; vital to nursing in a diverse society


Elements that describe a scientific variable

Transcultural Communication

Helps prevent error and nonconpliance during client teaching


Unfair and unequal treatment or access to services based on race, culture, or other bias


Prejudgement or bias based on characteristics such as race, age, or gender

Biocultural Ecology

Assessment of skin color and biologic variations

Cultural Empathy

The ability to experience as the client experiences rather then how the client experience themselves

Intercultural Communication

When members of 2 or more cultures exchange messages in a manner that is influenced by their different cultural perceptions

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